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A word used to describe those nationalities that are not Arabs and yet are often called Arabs by people who don't know otherwise, e.g. Iranians, Afghanis. Most commonly used by Arabs to their Pseudo-Arab friends.
An ignorant person: Hey there you crazy Arab.
an Iranian person: I'm not Arab.
an actual Arab: I'm an Arab, he's a Pseudo-Arab.
by Yaziyo September 14, 2009
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A word used by n00bs, often used to obtain free stuff.
by Yaziyo April 29, 2005
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A magical world where noone is faithful to their partners, everyone carries a gun and R Kelly narrates every action anyone does.
He looks at the closet, I pull out my beretta. He walks up to the closet, get closer to the closet, now he’s at the closet, damn he’s opening the closet…
by Yaziyo March 5, 2008
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An indirect way of saying penis.
"Ima go make my client happy" A
"More porn?" B
"Fuck yeah" A
by Yaziyo April 24, 2006
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Person 1, in a crowded area: "PENIS PUMP!"
by Yaziyo August 29, 2006
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n. To round up all your friends some time after midnight and drive down to the nearest 24 hour McDonalds for burgers, cones, apple pies or whatever else the night's cravings bring.
SMS at 1:30am. Must be a Midnight Maccas Run!
by Yaziyo September 21, 2009
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A cool person who smells. Also see Jads947
by Yaziyo April 28, 2005
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