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What you don't want to get stuck in the paper-shredder.
Oh noes, my scrotum!
by Yaziyo April 24, 2006

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A word used by n00bs, often used to obtain free stuff.
Free stuff plz

(phr33 st00f pl0x)
by Yaziyo April 28, 2005

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A fun word to scream in public.
Person 1, in a crowded area: "PENIS PUMP!"
by Yaziyo August 29, 2006

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A series of flash videos which are extremly funny. It features a sex-crazed, horny dog. A bunny which dies in most episodes, kenny style. A hamster which wants to fuck bruce willis. A donkey which is plain retarted but is the funniest. And finaly the cat, who once put some magic eggplants in his derriere.

If you havnt seen it, definately check out the series on newgrounds.
"Let's all catch thumbtacks on our bear eyes!" -Donkey
"I put some magic eggplants in my derriere" -Cat
"I brought 2 lesbians playing ping-pong with their life affirming jubblies" -Dog
"It are suckiest" -Hamster
"C is for clamhat." -Bunny

My point is, Retarded Animal Babies rocks!
by Yaziyo November 14, 2005

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Another way of saying porn.
Ima go make my client happy with some good ole ornpay.
by Yaziyo April 24, 2006

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Bread made using the contents of a ped egg.
My girlfriend dumped me after I made her ped bread for breakfast. Totally worth it.
by Yaziyo August 10, 2010

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A magical world where noone is faithful to their partners, everyone carries a gun and R Kelly narrates every action anyone does.
He looks at the closet, I pull out my beretta. He walks up to the closet, get closer to the closet, now he’s at the closet, damn he’s opening the closet…
by Yaziyo March 05, 2008

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