is a therapy for your muscles. its not rubbing or feeling its strokes the palpate muscles to releive pains and aches!
people think bad about massage but dont even know crap about it!
by am_x_2 September 16, 2007
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To rub a bodypart, or body, specially with gentle & soft techniques. Sometimes massages are hard & may hurt, but are useful in the end.
"I wanna give my girlfriend a full-body massage. Oh yeah, I want to rub every part of her....I'll massage her fine, sleek ass, then turn her over to massage that fine rack of hers, and finally, go full-bore on pleasing that hot succulent pussy of hers; I'll rub it up'n'down and listen to her sexy moanings and I'll have my day made. LOL"
by Dave February 13, 2004
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What some sleazy asshole tries to do to your woman behind your back. If you know any guys like this, kick their ass immediately.
'Oh sweety, it's not sexual, I just want to give you a massage, it doesn't mean anything.'
by dgarnett December 28, 2005
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to rub a part of a body softly and gently.
The girl massaged my dick with her pussy.
by Don Juan April 5, 2003
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what girls do lightly to their clits while picturing big tasty dicks-or while horny to acheive an orgasm. Also can be done after sex if ur man can't get you off.
I massaged my clit until I screamed with pleasure.
by Hotmami December 8, 2003
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Rubbing someone on the back,leg,thigh,but,chest,hips,feet and toes.
This will allow you to relax and enjoy after a long day a work or fight with wife/husband!
where do you want be to massage
vagina please,thanks
by James McDonagh June 6, 2015
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When rubbing something (hopefully a woman) for pleasure. This can either be a full bod massage or just a massage

Can also be used as a form of sex
Full bod massage: I wanna give Michelle a full body massage. First I would just rub and rub until she groans then I would rub her perfect ass as I tickle her nipples. Then I would go to that perfect rack of hers and start squeezing just the way she likes it. Then I would take off any other clothes she has and start thrusting her

Massage: Cindy was really tense and her back was tight. She called her boyfriend,Jason and asked if he could come over and give her a massage.

When he got there she was lying face down on the bed with her shirt off. He put oil on her back and started to push down and rub at the same time "ahhhh Jason I don't wanna push you but could you push down harder?"said Cindy
"Anything babe."said Jason as he pushed down harder then he moved to her shoulders after 45mins and started squeezing. "Ooooo I love you Jason. Then he stayed there the whole night and once Cindy felt better it got rowdy.
by Person1510 March 31, 2014
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