im requesting a phoomy
by theman102 January 2, 2012
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The other side to the story of the legendary 'shocker' maneuver. Once a woman has learned to love it and starts to ask for it, the surprise and shock are gone and, by definition, it becomes the 'requester'.
Two runners in the midst of a long training run:
"How is your love life?"
"Great. my boyfriend gave me the shocker last night."
"What?! Are you into that?!"
"Yeah! It is my absolute fave. I asked him to do it."
"Wow! But you realize that if you ask for it, that it is not a shocker anymore, right?"
"No? Then what it is?"
"A requester."
"I had no idea! But, I think I may just ask him to give me the requester again tonight."
by TryTbone June 10, 2014
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requesting something indirectly by way of a question
note: this is distinguished from a regular question because the answer is usually obvious
"are those peanut m&m's?" (requestion)
"yes, would you like some?"
by B. Sonderman January 11, 2006
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It is a phrase, often provided by your significant other, that on first hearing it - sounds like a question, but on closer examination is a request where the answer is almost always "yes dear".
Requestion: Honey, this weekend, would you mind handing the new curtains?

Only response: Yes dear.
by landrith1 August 19, 2012
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A merging of the words Request and Question, referring to the main recurring segment of the show 'Tuesdays with Nick', in which questions and requests are posted in the comment section as "requestions" to be answered/performed by the Host in comedic fashion.
Post your requestions in the comment section below.
by nicksplosivez December 2, 2016
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Phrase that IT support staff put into their Helpdesk tickets as the solution of the computer problem they fixed.
Helpdesk work order #99991

Problem description: Computer blue screens frequently. Please fix.

Resolution: Works fine, no problem found. As requested.

Work order closed.
by ARAR99 November 6, 2009
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