Common sense is what -I- think others should know.
When you remove the tea kettle from the stove, it's common sense to then turn off the burner.
by Tustar August 8, 2006
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A mythical force that is supposed to bestow knowledge of the obvious. Unfortunately, humankind has proven, time and time again, that there is no such thing as common sense.
The People v. Common Sense:

Exhibit A-
Common sense should tell people that coffee is a hot drink, and that when spilling it, one should expect it to be hot. Common sense should also tell people that eating fatty foods makes you fat. Still, look at the recent pathetic excuses for "lawsuits" against some fast-food restaurants.

Exhibit B-
Common sense should tell people - even children - that TV shows such as "Power Rangers" are not reality. Two eleven-year-old boys, however, tried to re-enact a scene from the above-mentioned show by burying an eight-year-old boy alive in the ground, thinking he would grow back out. Duuuuh...I don't think it worked...oops!

Exhibit C-
Common sense should tell the Bush administration to take money from people who actually HAVE MONEY TO GIVE, but instead they choose to take it from people who do not have it.

I rest my case.
by misanthropist June 13, 2006
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The term should speak for itself. A Sense which SHOULD be common to everyone. Usually refers to any sort of logic that should be obvious to anyone.
It is dangerous to play with sharp objects.

Don't touch the posionous snake.

If you buy a Sega product you are just throwing your money away on something that will not have any new games released for it shortly after its release.
by Sega Slayer March 16, 2004
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1) Putting the pieces together using the knowledge that one already has. Usually obtained by having actual life experiences, as opposed to sitting at a desk of in front of a textbook all day.

The only type of knowledge in life that is truly useful over 99% of the time.
1) Jimmy spent eight years at his desk getting his advanced degree in mechanical engineering. He was hired happily straight out of college making $105,000 a year, but ultimately failed at even the simplest of automotive tasks, since he lacks the common sense to so much as change his oil.

It also took him 45 minutes to find the entrance on the hooker he hired on a lonely Friday night.
by the way, do you like dags? September 27, 2008
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It was announced today that Common Sense passed away last night in her sleep. Common Sense has been bed-ridden for the past several years as a result of severe atrophy from lack of use. Common sense was preceeded in death by her mother, personal accountability, and father, integrity.
Bob is a card carrying member of the ACSU... the American Common Sense Union.
by scorekeeper June 27, 2004
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Knowledge that is "sensed" to be true by everyone, but results in most believing the world is flat. Tends to be an overused excuse by pseudo-intellectuals to prove their own vapid points.
John: "I can't belive Kelly failed her test. She studied and everything..."

Tommy: "But she's blonde. Everyone knows blondes are ridiculously stupid. It's just common sense."

John: "What?"
by That Person Who's Wrong. February 20, 2010
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