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1) Noise that a nerd/geek makes

2) An insult that can be used against nerds/geeks

These nerds/geeks are usually online gamers and have a know-it-all attitude.
1) Person: I tried to upload this music file but it says it's too big :(

Nerd: You fool, the file you are trying to upload is Wave which is a high quality format using lossless compression. Convert it to Mp3, that will reduce its size as it uses lossy compression.. NOING! *fixes glasses*

2) Nerd: lol dude i downloaded the best program, it lets u auto mine on runescape1!1!! ub3r l33t hax0r lolz 1!!! ELEVEN1 SHIFTPANCAKES!1!


by Japanime January 28, 2009
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