A very difficult sexual maneuver in which an individual uses his erect or semi erect penis to penitrate his/her partner's anus and subsequently urinates in him/her internally. This usually results in a NASCAR style expulsion of urine from the receiving party's anus. Thus, the moniker of "gas can".
by Shaun Goater October 9, 2006
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While doing a girl from behind and just as you are about to cum, grab an avalaible gas can and hit her in the back of the neck. See donkey punch

(credit PCHIII, Supertech)
by ztohs November 18, 2003
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the missing item that violet has!!
is john there ...i have his gas can!!
by HDGHDAISUUSGY October 4, 2003
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When you have warts in your hand and you finger blast a girl and it makes the noise a gas can nozzle does when it goes in and out of the can.
by Dr.Doe June 19, 2018
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Exactly what is sounds like. A gas can full of alcohol. A normal mix is considered Regular unleaded but an extra strong mixer would be considered Premium.
Gerry got everyone messed up when he mixed a half gallon of rum with 6 liters of coke in a gas can to create a gas can of booze.
by Kevin F. Smith September 19, 2006
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Sometimes derogatory, but not always, depending on who's saying it (ie; nigger) term for Athabascan Indians, used extensively throughout Alaska & Canada
Is she Atahabascan?

nope, that is 100% halfagascan
by sayonaura April 21, 2004
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A particularly douchey man, usually wearing tank tops and beaters, named for his signature Gas Can Oakleys he wears even at night. Almost like a guy fieri type, with or without the frosted tips.
John, you're really looking like a Gas Can Chad right now. Go put on a real shirt, and lose the gas cans Andy.
by fergsaneppin November 5, 2016
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