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Previous convictions
He's got form - two sentences for assault and one for burglary.
by Barber July 13, 2003
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to describe a "hot" chick
to coment on the perfection of the body
check her out,
she's got form
by griffman July 10, 2005
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(F)emale or (M)ale ? -- when you tell someone something and at the end they have no clue about what you told them to diss them
-Did you go to the party last night? It was just amazing.
Unfotunatly, Sara & John didn't come.
-How did Sara dress up?
-f or m ?
by UnNamed1692 November 13, 2007
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Form (v.) To Lie, to make untrue statements, to make outrageous accusations against another.

Also: Formed (past tense)and Formin' (gerund)
He said he slept with me! He formed that!

He totally formed this story about fucking Pam Anderson.

She tried to say that I didn't give her back her skirt! Girl, she always be formin'!!
by Ashley Wedding September 26, 2005
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Form, To step up your game

To show you got what it takes
The bros got some form
Hes got what it takes

Showing all what its about
by NZAngez May 24, 2018
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