A 4v1 game in which killers and survivors must work together to avoid a terrifying creature known as Nea Karlsson.

Nea is a powerful being that stalks and kills those who she finds.

Many characters have their own abilities to protect them. Dwight has an ability that lets him hide in lockers indefinitely. Claudette can go invisible when near tall grass. The Hillbilly can use his chainsaw to run away extremely fast. The nurse can quickly get behind walls by blinking through them. Feng Min is a great distraction, though she never lasts long as a result...

In the end though, Nea finds and kills ALL survivors.
Person 1: Wanna play some Dead by Daylight?

Person 2 : Ugh. It's always the same. You run away from Nea as fast as can and that's it man. It's so boring!
by Mr. big E. July 19, 2019
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An online asymmetrical survival horror game released in June 2016.

In Dead by Daylight, each trial has one Killer and four Survivors, never more, never less.

The Killers must protect the Generators from being powered and sacrifice the Survivors to an unknown being called the Entity, using several sacrificial hooks around the map. The Killers have specific powers that can aid them in their quest. For example, the Trapper can place bear traps around the map in any location to cripple Survivors, apply pressure to areas and shorten chases. There can only be one Killer in each trial.

The survivors must attempt to survive the wrath of the Killers. The simplest way to escape the trial is activating five Generators around the map and exiting through two Exit Gates. The Survivors have defenses such as pallets that they can use to slow down or even stun the Killer, and windows to put distance between them and the Killer.

Both the Killers and Survivors have their own set of perks, some unique to one Killer/Survivor which can be "taught" to other Killers and Survivors alike upon reaching character levels 30, 35 and 40. Survivors also have items such as medkits and flashlights, and addons which can either prolong, quicken or upgrade said items. Killers also have addons that can upgrade their power in similar ways. These all aid the player in their objective.
Person 1: Hey, did you hear about that new game on Steam?
Person 2: What, Dead by Daylight?
Person 1: Yeah, it looks pretty awesome! We should totally play together!
Person 2: Sure!
by JakeSJ May 17, 2019
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A game only played by toxic tunneling camping teabagging furry gay assholes. 1/10 do not play
by Ideeplyhateallofyou March 14, 2021
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The best fucking game in the world.
Your Friends: It's Dead By Daylight bro, We are coming to help.
by FloppaUrbanDictionary September 4, 2021
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A video game that gives out free brain aneurisms every 60 seconds because of your shit teammates that can’t hit a skill check.
Demi: Yo I play dead by daylight

John: Please get some help

Demi: You want to hear about the perk soul guard?

John: Demi, you’ve been talking to me for 2 straight hours.

Demi: But you haven’t heard about the perk kindred yet

John:*goes insane* REEEEEEEEEeEeEEEeEeE

by Deetz big nuts January 30, 2022
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A dumpster-fire of a video game that has one "Killer" chase four "Survivors" around a map. The game has no real combat system, small maps and uninspired, under-powered "Killers", that are hardly capable of killing anything.

"Survivors" take up a substantial portion of the player-base, as most "Killers" are either brand new to the game, or die-hard veterans looking for something to prove to themselves.

Despite having no voice chat built into the game, "Survivors" often use voice-chat throughtheir console or PC, disrupting what little integrity the game has.

"Killers" with abilities that can eliminate "Survivors" easier are locked behind paid DLC, that costs at least $5 USD per character.
"Dead by Daylight? Oh, you mean that game where you run in circles and drop pallets, instead of being able to actually fight the Killer?"

"I was tired of not getting any kills in Dead by Daylight, so I bought Leatherface --- now I kill all the Survivors, no problem.

"Yeah, I remember Dead by Daylight... Killers have no chance against a SwF group --- the game is poorly designed, plain and simple."
by TheresAHotlineForYouToCall February 22, 2022
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A horror game that is populated with 90% of the LGBTQIA+ community where you either play as a killer or a survivor in a 4v1 scenario with famous villains from several movie franchises and television series.
"Did you see Trixie Mattel playing Dead by daylight earlier?" "Yaas queen she slayed that axewound"
by SneakymanTim May 29, 2021
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