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A 4 cylinder model manufactured by honda and available as a coupe, sedan, or hatchback depending on year and trim. High potential for modification, and even higher potential for retarded shitfucks to totally turn it into a rolling laughing stock. When modified by a character of taste, it can be quite a nice looking (and even fast) car.

There seem to be 3 major themes when it comes to modifiying a civic: JDM, Sleeper, and Rice. JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) characteristics include importing and installing parts from authentic JDM civics (or other japanese honda models) such as side markers, jap instrument clusters, steering wheels, and jap-spec racing wheels (spoon, mugen, 5Zigen, etc. or knockoffs (rota).

Sleeper: A car that remains mostly stock on the outside but has extensive modification to the motor such as a motor swap and a turbo or supercharger. Mild aesthetic and/or performance upgrades are generally suspension modifications (springs, shocks, adj. coilovers, sway bars, bushings, etc) brake upgrades (larger rotors, rear disks, etc), and upgraded, though still factory, alloys (Si, Integra GSR, etc).

Rice: All the rest of the fucking shit you see driving around. "Powered by honda" stickers, ugly altezza taillights, neon glow, heinous body kits (usually unpainted or primered and rarely color matched), stickers so thieves know what to steal, cheap universal mufflers welded to the stock exhaust pipe, cut springs (as opposed to aftermarket springs - you can tell if the springs are cut because the car bounces up and down while it drives on the straightest of roads), etc.

This is the best definition for a honda civic.
If I see another mexican driving a stock civic with a "powered by civic" sticker on the windshield I'm gonna shit.
by eerie April 13, 2005
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A car manufactured by Honda, often seen as a Sedan, Coupe, or Hatchback. Was first created in 1972 as a coupe or hatchback and really picked up interest when the fifth generation was released in 1992 along with VTEC which attracted many racing enthusiasts. Starting with the fourth generation to the end of the sixth the Civic had the highly popular race inspired Double Wishbone Suspension which attracted even more racing enthusiasts. The Civic is still one of the most popular cars on the road today with a great gas mileage history and current one.

Often misunderstood and mixed up with the term "Ricer". The fact is, Ricer can pertain to any car domestic, exotic, or tuner that have "racing modifications" that in reality do nothing at all. There are mainly four types of Civic:
1.)Daily - Driven from point A to B, the driver takes advantage of the Civic's superior MPG's. Possible minor engine modifications to improve MPG and add performance.
2.)Sleeper - Fast and powerful, usually a Turbo'd D16z6 engine or contains a swapped B series motor, either motor with major internal modifications. Mostly stock exterior except maybe after market rims, and lowered.
3.)Ricer - No performance adding parts. Cheap eBay intakes and loud annoying eBay mufflers for $30. Have racing stickers for parts the don't really have, large spoilers, cut springs, ugly/unfinished paint jobs(usually bright colors so they stick out more). Annoying Subwoofers playing really loud to look "cool".
4.)Track Car - Hollowed out interior, Major engine performance parts and fabrication done. None to minimal stock engine parts. Driven by experienced drivers. Stored in a garage or trailer to never be driven except at the track.
Guy 1: Oh man, look at that Civic Sleeper next to the Ricer.
Guy 2: Must be embarrassing for the Ricer, HA!
Guy 1: Yeah, but remember the Ricer has a Nascar sticker so he must be getting an extra 200 horsepower!!!
Guy 2: *Laughs*
by PackersFTW April 02, 2009
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A very reliable cheap car. Not meant to be a race car at all. Gets you from point A to B and saves gas.
With gas being close to $3.00 gallon, I'm glad I drive a civic and, I don't give a damn what people say!
by Irulan July 25, 2004
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1)a japanese economy car
2)a car that teenager's rich parents buy them as a cheap relaiable transportation, but then they fuck it all up by putting huge fart cans and spoilers on then trying to drive fast and race everyone and thinking they are really cool but everyone is really just laughing at them because they are so goddamn stupid.
I drive a CIVIC, its so fast, last night I raced some kid on his tricycle and it was close but I beat him because my spoiler added an extra 20hp so that was the reason I won.
by RICEFUCKER April 12, 2003
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A compact car offered by Honda Motor Co., in three body types: Sedan, coupe and hatchback. This car, in stock form, is a great gas-saver, and is rock-solid reliable, as proven by owners, Consumer Reports, and the endless odometers that read 300k miles and more. At one point, this car was found to be an entry-level "tuner", back when tuning was something to talk about. Today, every dick-face who watches TFATF, thinks because it has an "H" badge on it, that all you need is an array of tacky, useless parts and you are "sick", "dope", or any other term cholo-ass b**ners use to sound like a "real racer".

Bottom line, anybody who can sit here on this, or any other site, and shit-talk about Honda, or any car for that matter, without understanding what they are talking about, is about as inteligent as a rock. Alot of what you see on the street is "Rice", not somebody who actually takes pride in the car they drive. Fact: You will never catch a real Honda tuner with a park-bench wing, cheap-ass body kits, or 5" tip mufflers, just to name a few. Neons, "systems" (which add God knows how much weight to said "racer"), 17" wheels, Euro taillights, loud paint, and pretty much any other part that is a knock-off of something that real tuners are actually willing to dish out cash for and is a quality product. Also, you will also not catch them trying to race everybody in traffic, or hanging out in parking lots with strobes flashing, while standing outside their car, usually with a group of said "ricers". Out of boredom, I came here to see what people put for a definition for Civic, and was not suprised at how ignorant people are. Look, if are gonn aspend the time to vent how much you hate something, online or anywhere, at least know what the fuck you are talking about, and get your facts straight first, then type away, oh angry ones!
The Honda Civic is the staple of the tuning community, dating back to the mid-80's, and today is sadly the recipient of abuse, and misunderstanding.
by ATrueHondaEnthusiast February 09, 2008
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JESUS-FUCKING-CHRIST! It's just a car. Plain and simple. It's a car made by Honda Motors, Co, designed to be an inexpensive ECONOMY car. The DX, Value Package, and LX models have a 112 horsepower engine, the EX model has a 127 hp engine (2004 sedan models), and the Si model has a 160 hp engine (2004 model). It's not made for racing, it's made to be fuel-efficient, which it is. Practically every website that has the word "Civic" in it, be it here, a forum, or anywhere else, has this damn argument about whether Civics are good racing cars or not. NOBODY CARES! Most of you probably don't own a car anyway!
The first car I owned a 1989 Honda Civic Hatchback in about 2002-ish. I didn't race it once, but whenever I mentioned I owned a Civic, people didn't care what year it was - they automatically thought I raced and that I was a ricer. Yeah, like I'd race in a car that had a horsepower range of 68-72. I learned to drive a stick shift in that car, that's about it.
by Matt August 08, 2004
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