An Incompetent Automobile manufacturer that keeps getting raped by European companies because they are too poor to hold themselves up
by ZenMaster69 April 10, 2020
Chrysler and Dodge vehicles can be identified by any number of common issues, peeling paint, missing or broken lights, smoking exhaust, on on the back of tow trucks, leaking, stalling, on fire, etc. Chrysler drivers (when the vehicle is actually running) are usually found speeding to get in front of everyone, only to slow down and hold up traffic. This is usually the case when in a long line of cars on the highway where it will almost always be a Chrysler or Dodge at the front of the line in the high speed lane, keeping pace with a slow car (usually another Chrysler) in the passenger lane so nobody can pass. Chrysler hasn't mastered how to make a car that can make it over 50K miles without major problems, with most problems starting during the warranty period. Warranty problems are generally blamed on the customer and denied. Chrysler also will not take responsibility and recall a vehicle for defects or safety until absolutely forced by the government. Chrysler and Dodge service departments screw people as much as possible and either tell you they can not duplicate an issue, or tell you things like their cars are not meant to be driven over 65mph, or the vehicle should pull so if you fall asleep the car will go off the road. Buying a Chrysler or Dodge usually involves every single component on the car being an option so you are forced to haggle with the overweight salesperson in the circa 1970 suit with the bad breath and the balloons tied to the cars.
You would think Chrysler would give up the automobile business and try something else since they haven't been able to make a car that runs since the late 1960's.
by Mike38943 August 24, 2010
Also: Dodge, Plymouth Cars and trucks that break down often and litter the sides of highways. The vehicle of choice of nerds, nosepickers, pedophiles, obese, physically challenged, and the self-rightious religious (because they think it has the word Christ in it). Usually the back is covered by stickers, medallions, magnets, etc so that when they drive under the speed limit in the passing lane, sit through a green light, or break down on the side of the road, people have something to read.
When you say 'Turd On Wheels' people don't know if you are talking about the Chrysler or the driver.
by SteveW1991 October 14, 2010
A formerly American automobile company now held under the German corporation DaimlerChrysler. Chrysler produces a line of Luxury cars ranging in price from $20,000 to $45,000. Also under Chrysler's control is the Mid-line/economy car company Dodge. Chrysler holds the distinctions of producing the best selling convertible in the US (Sebring) and the world's most popular Mini-van (Caravan/T&C).
by Jeffro Morris January 21, 2005
A shitty car driven by shitty obese right wing people with yellow teeth that is frequently found in the breakdown lane or at rest areas "looking at people". These vehicles are bought by people who have no idea a car should last more than 50K miles and think major repairs are a normal part of vehicle ownership because they have never driven a vehicle built correctly. Chrysler and Dodge vehicles are generally characterized by weaving (from the go-cart like handling) or throwing garbage out the window, picking nose, stopping for green lights, parking sideways, both hands in a white knuckle death grip on the steering wheel, failing to yield or signal on a highway, or any number of other things that cause other drivers to have to take evasive action.
You would think Chrysler would give up the automobile business and try something else since they haven't been able to make a car that runs since the late 1960's.
by Mike38943 August 24, 2010
Car maker of the classiest, most innovative cars around.
There were a few problems in the late 2000's due to the fact that Daimler ran the company into the ground however they have sold it now and they are back on the rise.
My Chrysler is far better then your trashy honda, look at the piece of trash your driving.
by Superior cars January 26, 2012