More "urbanized" form of the shit. Basically means really, really good. Other versions include:hella cool,tight, the best.
Damn Tony! Your new ride is the shiznit! Lemme borrow it to drive by Mya's.
by Marimar June 10, 2004
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1. Something either exceptionally good or exceptionally bad.
2. A variation of the word "shit".
1. "That movie was the shiznits!"
2. "You don't know shiznits; now go get me a damn beer!"
by Blah May 12, 2003
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adj. 1) the best; 2) the greatest, in a certain category or universally; 3) gaddam' phenomenal, bi-atch!
Master says, "I'm the shiznit! Hell'z yeah!"
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something that is cool and desirerable. something that doesn't get in your way
Her sangin is the Shiz nit!
by cutemom May 28, 2003
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chessie is the shiz-nit

nick, we so0o0o0o0o gotta go to the chinese christian church, its the shiz-nit
by Cookie October 03, 2004
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