The amount of time it takes to defrost a hotdog bun.
If you try anything other than 12 seconds, your hotdog bun will remain icy cold or catch fire.
by Lazy chestnut August 21, 2006
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when someone shoots their load within 12 seconds during their blow job virginity
Bethany: i didn't realise you were a 12 seconder mike
Mike: (cries)
Harry: ahh you 12 seconder
by sash haz jack x2 November 9, 2011
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A request , usually drunk , to stave off an interruption of a story you’re trying to tell, as best you can in the current situation. .
Jimmy - “ yo , we were at the Dungeon in New Orleans and ...”

John - “ oh the metal bar on Toulouse that ....”
Jimmy - “ wait 12 seconds , we were slamming shots in Dungeon and ..... “
by Snoop Legend May 30, 2021
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a car that can run a 12 second 1/4 mile
once this turbo's in, we'll be runnin low 12s
by Bill February 9, 2003
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a very slow car's 1/4 mile time
the skyline is a 12 second car
by dude April 8, 2003
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the beharelle mobille
"Aaron's car is only in the 12's and Shaun's will be in the 9's"
by Anonymous January 22, 2003
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