Bloke: Why are you pulling that face?
Woman: I think I need to make one.
by Danra June 11, 2011
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Sarcastic way to tell someone you disagree
Person 1: I thought that movie was great!

Person 2: That makes one of us

Person 1: I'd hit that

Person 2: That makes one of us
by Mon-Star July 2, 2010
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To be excited, or nervous about something.
1) That new girl makes your asshole pucker, doesn't she?

2) Damnit, the exit exam is really making my asshole pucker!

3) The Patriots being in the Super Bowl finals can make one's asshole pucker, but it certainly doesn't pucker mine!
by Weeger January 21, 2008
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Make one up isn't a name or a thing it's a a question like "can I make a drawing up!"
make one up
by D4BBIES January 8, 2014
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The above user is wrong, or is quoting some lame malapropism of the original joke.

"Make me one with everything" is the response given by a Buddhist to a hot dog vendor who asks him, "What can I make you?".

The joke is a play on words, as the oft-quoted Buddhist "motto" is to "be at one" or "be at peace" with everything natural in the world.
A Buddhist goes to a hot dog vendor and the vendor asks him "Hey buddy what can I make ya?".

"Make me one with everything" replies the Buddhist.
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