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Anyone associated with this store is either a) stuck up asshole b) girls who follow trends too easily c) a combination of both, and whom also can't think for themselves.

Prep may mean something else, but we needed a word to group all of those kinds of people. Prep worked.
prep: i shop at american eagle, i can be fashionable while saving a great deal of money.

other: awesome, you're also a bitch. fuck you.
by Jon February 2, 2005
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1. American born Chinese.

2. Chinese who acts like he/she was born in America

3. Chinese with faux accent
Ching Chong speaks with an American accent, that Americhink.
by Jon January 12, 2005
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a small temporary-looking Amtrak train station resembling a bus shelter or shack, usually replacing a larger, older more opulent station. A symbol of the decline of passenger rail in the United States.
The amshack station replaced the larger station next door built at the height of rail travel.
by Jon November 8, 2003
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The act of being an anal person. A gay man who regularly enjoys ass play is said to possess anality. Gay male porn stars who enjoy inserting dildos into their butts, have anality as do gay men who enjoy receiving anal sex. Anality is the term for people who enjoy anal play.
Did you see Jeff Stryker insert that big dildo up his butt? Did you see the way it slid up there. I loved watching him lube it up and his butt before pushing it on up there. He is possessed of anality.
by Jon October 9, 2004
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usually a gang of gay dudes or want a be gay dudes
Look at those Queer Eye guys, what a bunch of anal mauraders
by Jon August 3, 2004
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A "fairy story" by George Orwell, where farm animals take over the farm ran by their drunken master. The book compares the animals to those involved with communist takeover of Russia. In the end, the animals are worse off than they were under human control.
Napolean the pig in Animal Farm represents Joseph Stalin.
by Jon January 1, 2004
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people who dont understand sitting there doing nothing never solved anything and if the U.S. considers a war we obviosly didnt find a way to make a peace treaty
hitler came to power trying to take over the world but war took place and people did something about it and killed hitler. anti-war people dont understand this concept
by Jon May 5, 2003
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