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the original word, über is the german word for "above" and can be used as a substitute in english for "very" or "super". however, "ub3r" is a more 1337 way of saying über.
0mGz i r t3h ub3r 1337 h4x0rz, n00b.
by arthur the tree February 14, 2005
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a more 1337 (leet) version of the word, uber; meaning very, or super
johnny knew when he hadn't done his homework that he was ub3r fux0red
by playinguitar4evr January 15, 2003
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w00t! i r ub3r 1337! (woot, i'm uberly elite)
by MicrosoftMurder October 14, 2003
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ub3r, came from uber, which came from the original word from Germany which means 'super'. It is used in online forums, chatrooms, MSN groups, games, and IM programs.
0mG2()r22 |_!3/< ub3r (0o1 |)o0dZzZ22z2zz!11!one!11OneO1!1fish11
by l0z3r March 03, 2005
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Being so cool you can't call them cool.
Like you can't say zyfr is cool.
But you can say zyfr is ub3r.
by zyfr September 16, 2004
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