An easy way to avoid literally any question.
Random Female: Does this dress make me look fat?

Potentially You: Pass.
by Dunkindiabetes September 7, 2016
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The answer to discussing the Secret Formula on the third Wednesday of Janurary and it's not raining outside after you gargle pudding.
Mr Krabs: "Oh that's an easy one! You just.. just.. It's janurary with pudding you uh.. uh... pass?
by Johneatsdust April 16, 2020
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What you shall not do.
You shall not pass!
by Link998 June 18, 2013
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the present tense of hitting a lic or robbing someone but can also be said in passed-tensed as “passed”
commonly used by bravo the bagchaser and late austin the pacman, rest in peace
“did you see chris flexing on his story?” “yeah that foos an easy lic let’s pass on his ass”
“i just passed in the field, yes i hit another lic” -austin the P
by elmini October 8, 2020
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To hand a joint to a fellow pothead. Especially when in a circle of people.

Always pass to the left.
Dude, pass that doob!
by desperate_d April 20, 2009
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Pressing I don't know while editing on urban dictionary.

Also known as,
Passed, IDK, and most favorable... "Who wants to see if they can make sense of this." (Though this case should be failed)
I am not sure about this def so I will pass it to someone else.
by Feildmaster November 21, 2009
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Pass (v) - The politically correct term for skipping a class. The word can be used in future, present, and past tenses (pass, passing, and passed, respectively).
Example #1: (before class)

Hannah: "Hey do you guys wanna go to class today?"

Kurtis: "Eh, no thanks, I think I'll pass..."

Waleed: "Yeah same here..."

Example #2: (during class)

Maria: "Hey where's Stefan?"

Megan: "Oh I think he's passing."

Example #3: (after class)

Natasha: "Hey where were you today? We had a test in U.S. History today."

Harrison: "Yeah I know, I passed because I didn't study for it at all..."
by kurtisthefurtis November 21, 2011
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