1) An acronym for the brand name 'Nitrous Oxide Systems'. NOS produces a chemical known as nitrous oxide, often used in the performance optimization of car and motorcycle engines. The chemical (N2O) breaks up upon contact with air, releasing extra oxygen into the engine. This often means that oxygen detectors in modern cars pick up the extra oxygen and add more fuel to the a/f mixture. This means the engine will pack a harder punch than it typically would, in the form of an instant flywheel horsepower gain.
2) A buzzword used by the illegal street racing comunity (often populated by rice burners), to make one's car sound fast. Many misconceptions have arisen from the term NOS, particularily founded by the film iThe Fast And The Furious/i. One misconception is that NOS can be installed on any car, and with the push of a button it will result in an exponential gain in speed. Another is that NOS iis/i nitrous oxide; NOS is only a brand name. Nitrous oxide can only be installed on some engines, and does not necessarily mean a huge gain in speed. It is NOT activated with the push of a button, most nitrous systems have a throttle trip system that activates the nitrous flow at WOT (wide-open-throttle), in order to maximize potential speed. Another widely mentioned misconception is that nitrous oxide is flammable. It is not. Though any compressed gas can explode when heated, the gas itself is non-flammable.
Typical rice-boy: "Yo, I gotz da NOS in ma Civic, I'll waste yo shiznit on da quota-mile."
by Knives December 6, 2003
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A recreational drug, often inhaled repetitively with the help of balloons. Causes about 12 seconds of euphoria. Often accompanied by a "womp womp womp womp" sound, not unlike the experience of laughing gas.
Pass me a balloon so I can fill it with NOS.
by Jarennah March 11, 2008
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NOS is the acronym for New Old Stock. It's an item that is old, but ios not used. Since it never sold, it's technically "new" even though it may be several years old.
1967 Plymouth Barracuda Antenna. Chrysler made them and distributed them to Retailers. Stock was left over after they stopped making the cars.
by Jon September 24, 2003
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Yo i had like 7 balloons of NOS last night, i was swaying all over the place!
by Ferris A February 17, 2009
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1.) Nitrous Oxide Systems, a company which creates systems for distributing Nitrous Oxide to automobile engines.

2.) Commonly accepted replacement for the term "Nitrous Oxide." However, this is not correct, and anyone who says "NOS" instead of Nitrous Oxide should be shot.
Manawski: Didn't you read my definition?
by Manawski March 5, 2003
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1. An energy drink in a can or bottle designed to look like a NOS cartridge.

2. Derived from the abbreviation of the company name Nitrous Oxide Systems (NOS), one of the pioneering companies in the development of nitrous oxide injection systems for automotive performance use. Basically, it makes your car go a lot faster.
1. I had a NOS last night, it was kickass.

2. When you're looking to go fast, rely on NOS.
by dksgslgksdgs December 2, 2007
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A brand name, and probably the most popular of them, for nitrous oxide. The name stands for Nitrous Oxide Systems, and well, it is just that. Referred to as "spraying", or "bottle", or "Cheating", it is a very simple way to enhance power of the internal combustion engine. The nitrous oxide (N20) is kept in a bottle and is directed to the intake through your fuel injection or carbueration(more time consuming to install). Thoug it is called nitrous, that is not what enhances performance. When nitrous oxide is heated to about 570 degrees F. (the combustion chamber temperature.), it splits into 2 parts nitrogen and a part oxygen. Everyone knows that an engine likes to breathe, and by the N20 splitting, the added oxygen allows it to do just that. By allowing more oxygen, you also allow more fuel, all this explains the horsepower boost of maybe 10-30% depending on the amount used. As for the nitrogen, well, it makes the exhaust look cool, especially on straight pipes!
realMAN-that cheater is using Nitrous.
Nitrousman-yeah, it helps the engine breathe.
realMAN- Whatever, your head gasket is gonna be leaking more oil than president Bush can deny.
Nitrousman-its a v-tech, it can handle it.
RealMan-you want air? check this out, I got a carb for each cylinder, and i got twice as many cylinders as you, Fag!
by Xrsplentybig July 7, 2005
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