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Short for "No One Escapes Death" from Dead by Daylight. Noed is a hex perk which causes all survivors to suffer the "exposed" status effect once the exit gates have been opened, thus causing survivors to die from one hit from the killer as opposed to two hits. Most killers in Dead by Daylight are usually flamed at for "Being carried by noed".
"lol, imagine being carried by noed"
"Guys he has noed, we have to find and cleanse the hex totem"
by Goatz4Oatz November 06, 2018
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1. a saying used when someone does something extremely dumb
2. an exclamation when used as "Ed on my face"
3. calling someone an Ed is a negative term, like calling someone a douche

1. "Wow he just drove his car into the wall"
"NO ED!"

2. "Ed ON My FACE! I just fking tripped."

3. "Wow those kids hang out at the playground and their like 15"
"What Eds"
by An Ed January 13, 2007
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past tense of to no

Definition: to go through forms/endless ad offers selecting no again and again.
1) Gah. I had to *no* through a dozen adds before I could get my score...

2) I just *noed* through all of those ads. they don't send you any spam.
by m adams April 20, 2008
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