Although phrased as the start of a question, it is actually an introduction from somebody who wants to impart information. It’s used quite a lot by some teachers but it usually comes from somebody who wants bore your arse off telling you things you don’t need to know, don’t want o know and which are less interesting than the sex lives of Venusian bacteria. It’s usually impossible to get away without committing murder unless you can comeback with something that stops them in their tracks and allows you to escape.
Did you know that if you rearrange the letters of “Happy Christmas” you get “Crappy Shitmash”?
Yes, and if you rearrange “Merry Christmas” you get “Mr Mrs Itchyarse”.
by AKACroatalin April 24, 2015
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The question used right before making a reference to something. Usually answered sarcastically because the individual being asked already knew the answer or fact. Can be asked in a serious or sarcastic manner but in most cases the individual is serious when asking.
Caroline: Did you know?
Luis: Know what?
Caroline: That Morgan goes to state.
Luis: (Sarcastically) No way! Really? Since when?!
by Orangefrank1 January 16, 2011
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A question that you ask someone purely to confuse them or make them look dumb.
Knowing that Israel is common knowledge, like knowing what 1 + 1 equals.
Person A: Did you know that Israel?
Person B: Uh... no?
Person A: Hah, idiot
by CutieFox9 October 17, 2022
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People who start with the letter S find people are attractive to boys or men that start with the letter A..... An example: Allen x Sammar! ( name found on google) Information found by me ! Have a good day bye! :)
Did you know that people who....
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Seemingly a simple marketing slogan used by all civil and criminal solicitors, this famous line is actually from Breaking Bad season 2 episode 8. It makes a hilarious appearance in Saul Goodman's television advertisement:

"Hi I'm Saul Goodman. Did you know you have rights? Constitution says you do. And so do I."

It is most commonly used amongst members of the unofficial, imaginary, crack-addicted breaking bad community that every zealous Breaking Bad viewer thinks they are uniquely apart of. The phrase is also the reason that many aspiring students have mistakenly entered the legal profession and incompetently represented and let down innocent people to the blood-thirsty prosecutors.
Friend 1: "This Subway is so terrible they never properly wrap my sandwich, it's literally at risk of falling apart."
Friend 2: "Did you know you have rights?"
Friend 1: "Constitution says you do."
Both friends: "And so do I."

*Friend 1 has just been convicted of gross negligence manslaughter after jokingly pushing their best friend down steep stairs and causing their death. They are in court awaiting sentencing by the judge.*
Friend 1: *anxious and regretful* "I didn't mean to. I can't believe I did that man. I-I-I ca-can't bel-"
Friend 2: "Calm down. Calm down! Did you know you have rights!?"
*Judge looks up in confusion*
Friend 1: *wipes tears from eyes and sniffles* "Constitution says you do!"
Judge: *slams gavel* "Order please!"
Both friends together: "AND SO DO I!"
by bradleysheadissick August 17, 2023
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The ridiculously long name of Lana Del Rey's upcoming 9th studio album, out March 10, 2023.
Stream Lana's new song Did you know that there's a tunnel under Ocean Blvd!
by olivia bensonola December 7, 2022
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Something that people randomly say when I say I did bad on something
"aaaaa I did so bad I only got 41 on ci"
"but did you know that john0512 got a 46 on mathcounts chapter?"
by john0512 March 8, 2021
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