There are many definitions of greebo, I will run through all of them, I am not saying which ones are nessesarily right or wrong, thats for you too decide:

Greebo's are into any style of music from rock 'n' roll to metal to indie. They are generally found in Cardiff, Leeds and St Albans. The term greebo is used all over to describe anyone from an emo to a goth to an indie kid. By what I've heard from most people, they dont exist in Ireland or Scotland, only in England and Wales. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

The term 'Greebo' originally stood for 'Greasy Boy' as greebo's used to be associated with not washing there hair often. Greebos generally have long, unbrushed hair which is un-dyed and un-gelled.

Greebo boys wear baggy clothes such as jeans and combat trousers. Sometimes a checkered or studded belt is added. A 'Greebo Chain' is the most recognisable thing about a greebo. A Greebo Chain is a chain worn from one belt loop on the side of a pair of jeans to another belt loop. It is let too hang down as low as possible. These are often used to keep there wallets being stolen by Chavs by attatching it too the wallet. A skate brand t-shirt - baggy - and any shoes from skate shoes to nike too DM boots. Sometimes beanie hat too.

True greebo girls dress similarly too the boys. They wear baggy jeans and similar shoes. Girls often wear Vans shoes, not the slip ons on skate shoes, just the normal trainers. They wear boys t-shirts because they are more baggy.

The more often girls who 'claim' to be greebo are more likely to be seen dressed in regular clothes. Ugg boots and tight jeans. Waistcoats and dress shirts. Similar to late mod style meets skater.

Greebo's cant skate. They try and fail or are just not good enough to skate with the skate crowd. Yet they often hang around with skaters and BMX or Mountain Bike. Some people describe greebos as skaters who cant skate. This is partly true. If you are a greebo who skates, your not a greebo, your a skater. That is the fine line. Greebo's are similar too moshers too. They look similar and like similar music and hobbys.

Greebos are not emo! Greebo's will never wear a more than one or two black items at once. Greebo's will never wear tight clothing. Baggy. That is greeno. Tight? That is emo and occasionally indie kid.

Greebo's hate chavs. They are at a constant war with each other. Greebos will refer to chavs as 'Chavscum' and chavs will refer to greebos as 'Dirty Greebos'. Although greebos are often seen as trouble makers and look threatning, they are not. A greebo will never start a fight and will avoid one at almost all costs. Chavs are often seen as the victims because they will run home too there rich mummys and daddys crying about how the greebo hit them when it is always the chav starting the fight. ALWAYS!

The hoodie. The most important thing about greebos. A TRUE GREEBO WILL NEVER BE SEEN WITHOUT HIS OR HER HOODIE!! A baggy hoodie is what defines a greebo! Never white! And never tight!

Greebo brands are; Fender, Dubster, Quicksilver, Oakley, British Knights, Vans, Plain Lazy, No Fear and H&M. The main ones being British Knights, Quicksilver and Dubster because they are big in size and cheap. For the slightly richer people there is Vans, H&M and Oakley. They are more expensive and tighter fitting but are also seen being worn by greebos.

Greebos are into all sorts of bands. Underground, mainstream or stadium-fillers. Greebos aren't fussy. Some popular greebo bands are; Green Day, RHCP, Nirvana, Kasier Chiefs, Arctic Monkeys, Avenged Sevenfold, Blur, Oasis and Guns 'n' Roses.

Unlike hardcore indie kids and punks, greebos arent fussed about bands selling out. If a band is good, a band is good. Whether other people think that or not does not change the band. In fact, when some bands sell out, they actually become better than before. Take Green Day, a LOT of people hated American Idiot and said they had sold out. This is an extremely popular greebo album. I am not saying all greebos agree with this but from what ive heard, thats the general idea.

Greebos are not at war with emos. This is sometimes the thought that is broadcasted but they manage too live with each other quite happily... well, as happy as an emo can be I suppose. A greebo who cuts themself is not a greebo. They are chucked out of the group of greebos amd are rarely let back in unless they grovel, A LOT!! This generally means they become emos and then move on after realising what an extremely stupid idea it is too cut yourself. Some become punks or moshers or skaters. it is unlikely they will become a goth, metal head or indie kid, but everything is possible.

Greebo is, in some places, spelt with one O. No-body knows why, it just is.

Greebos will generally not like a greebo who has left them for another genre, even for a small amount of time and if they were never really great mates in the first place. It is a commitment to be a greebo, it is not a god idea to cut yourself or leave for another group, they will hate you forever. Some get forgiven and are allowed to return but this is unlikely. If the leader of a greebo clan changes genre, sometimes the other members will follow. If not, someone else will become one.

Greebo leaders are not actually verbally said, it just kind of happens. If you are in a greebo clan and often find yourself as the center of attention by a lot of the group and when you walk somewhere, without saying anything the others will follow, this means your a leader. Being a leader does not mean you rule on high!! It just means you have minor power over what the clan decide to do. Like for instance, if you said 'Lets go to town today', others would generally come. Unlike if you said 'Gather together all your money together, we're going on a camping holiday and there's nothing you can do about it'. Nothings gonna happen and they will probably be annoyed with you for saying it. natural consequences.

If your wondering, a clan is a group of greebos. Generally high in numbers because safety is in numbers against chavs. Anything from 8 people upwards is a clan.

I think thats about it apart from there is practically no posers in greebo. There just isnt any. Anyone who wants to be a greebo or join a clan is accepted. Unless there a chav or bully obviously. Whether someone is a geek or not does not decide whether they are in a clan or not. Geeks are widely accepted.

The only last thing is drugs. A lot of greebos smoke and drink. Cannabis is also often used. My advice is dont get involved with any of it apart from the odd pint for fun! Only joking! DON'T DO ANY DRUGS OR DRINK AND DON'T SMOKE!!! AT ALL!!! EVER!!! YOU ARE NOT A CHAV!!!
Chav: Fucking dirty greebo! Cut your hair you greasy twat!
Greebo: Excuse me, ive got to go...
Walks away
Chav: Yeah thats it blud, run off, wasteman!
Greebo quietly: Chavscum!!
by Elliot XTC March 19, 2008
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Well, on a shcool trip me and my friends had to teake off our braceletes because we were about to do archery. Yes me and my friends listen to rock music and may be rockers but we aren't how you all think we are rockers are cool. Me and my freind were saying how strange it looked without our bracelets on. I asked a boy who i know who was in our activity group if we looked strange without them. (we usaully wear them) and he said your a greebo! WE looked at eachother confused. What does that mean?! i asked him and he said greasy haired rocker! I was hurt by this, my hair is no way greasy. Later on, still on the trip a Chav *shudders* apparently called my friend this, i told her if he said that to her again tell him atleast we know how to dress (as you probaly know chavs have a bad dress sense) she laughed. But i dont agree with this atall. In my opinion it's just a word they made up because they dont like us. Can't see why though because we are really nice people and theres nothing wrong with us. (Chavs) are obviously jealous of us lol. So to me Greebo is a offensive word used against people such as rockers. Its rubbish. Associated with people who don't take pride in their appearance. But we do. Most people do! They seem to think this of (rockers) etc like they are anti social and dont care about the way they look.UNTRUE. I do all the time. But thats just my opionion of what this word greebo means from my experiances.
Chav: "oi greebo"
Us: *confused just walks away it means nothing as its untrue*
by Bob lol not realli June 25, 2005
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A Word DirtChavscum Uses Just Because Some One Wears A Little Black Or Tight Jeans And Usually If You Arent A Chav And You Walk Aroud A Chav Infested Area Like A Town Centre,You Usaully Get Shouted At Like "Dirty Greeboo".some one who dosent give a donkey shit what peple thin about what they look like.
Dan The Chav:oooh,Look At That Durty Greebo,Lets Go Merk Him,Innit Blad.
Max(whispers To Louis):Look At Them Darn Chavs,Bet They're Gonna Run Away.
Louis(whispers Back):Yeah,Lets See
Max&Louis Walk Past
Chavs Get Scared Cos They Think That We Have The Devil On Our Side
by MaxMan Is Here! February 15, 2007
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A greebo or greeb is a dirty person who thinks they can skate. They are normally wannabe emos or scenekids. They can be identified by..

- Having unwashed hair, normally dyed black with light brown roots.
- Spots.
- Band T-shirts
- The girls wear stripey and fishnet tights.
- Their favourite shop is 'Blue Banana' and 'Claires'
- Boys have overgrown long hair.
- They love metal/goth/rock music such as Slipknot and Korn.
- The girls might cut their own fringes, leaving it lobsided.
- Start and have sex at the age of 13.
- Baggy tops (Girls sometimes wear boys clothes)
- Smoke and Do drugs.
- Pale.
- They have a fetish of hanging round theyre local skatepark.
- Metal chains hanging from their jeans.
- Some self harm and like to write poetry.
- Think they have a talent for drawing. (Even though i'm sure some can actually.)
he needs to wash his hair, the greebo.
by O0O0OHNOSE.itsyamom. November 06, 2007
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A greebo - The peaceful type of people....total oposite to townies

But...the ones classed as greebo's infact, HATE being called greebos!
These ones who call themselves greebos are basic wannbes....they purposly become "depressed", harm for attention, and obssess over extremely mainstream bands that are way too manufactured for their own good, eg: HIM, or The rasmus.

They basically become what they THINK are goths.

They also give themselves a bad name....they go on about how unfair life is and why do they get picked on and bullied....and they complain about how they are different and thats why....but rock/metal/punk has been givin a bad name by greebos because they listen to it, and it gets blamed for stupid children doing stupid things bcause "they listen to rock" which any smart person would no is rubbish and they are just attention seeking.

Black, baggy, old, cloths are usually the dress code for the greb's.

No one knows why they call themselves different, they arent, they are the same as everyone else that dresses and acts liek them
these greebos are usually 11-15 yr olds, but it can stretch to 17 if they are stupid enough...thank god though a greebo is a phase...much like the townie attitude and others....eventually they grow out of it and realise "god ir eally did know nothing"

if there was a such thing as a "none wannbe greebo" then i guess they'd listen to rock/metal/punk, be peaceful, and a normal average joe...dressing how they feel comfortable, or in a way they are influenced by what they listen to....but alas these type of people HATE being called greebo's as they all know a greebo is a wannabe goth/punk/metaler(thts if ur guna put labels on it)
Greebo: "OH MY GOD! VILLE VALO!!!*licks poster*"


Greebo: "Im a greebo! i hate townies! i hate my life!"
by Jebadia Zwick August 01, 2004
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people who have longish hair, wear baggy clothing and listen to heavy music. TOTALLY DIFFERENT FROM PUNX, but we usually get on. have a habit of getting targetted by chavs/rudies/cunts cos they look a bit wierd and dont look hard. in this case, us punx, who look hard, must stand up adn tell em to fuck off because, however good they think they are, greebos DO NOT tell chavs to fuck off. if they do they get beat the shit into, which us punx dont cos we acctually fight. generally ok people, so leave them alone, espescially if they're hangin with punx.
Chav: ay look bled! some fukin greebo biatches, innit? lets cruise over and lick em up!
Greebos: oh shit. chavs.
Punx: Fuck off you cheap cunts, unless you want a bottle round your fucking head
Chavs: oh shit bled! hard ass mofos! split bled, split! before we iz done in like the cunts we are, beld!
Greebos: thanks
Punx: shutup and learn to fight man.

by trent April 19, 2005
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