Skate shoes represent the latest evolution in footwear for youth. The first shoes to become a fad were Converse All-Stars or Chucks. Originally boys basketball shoes, they became street wear in the 50's. They re-emerged in the 60's and in each youth generation since. They became the first skateboard shoe, then Vans (old school) emerged in the late 60's. Nike became popular youth shoes in the 80's and dominated the youth culture until the advent of serious extreme sport skateboarding (new school). As skateboarding became mainstream and see as an extreme sport skate shoes have dominated youth footwear. Such names as DC, ES, DVS, Etnies, Osiris, Adio, Ipath, have competed heavily in style, grip, color scheme, and functionality. The youth cult embraces extreme sports and their leaders, as Shaun White, Tony Hawk, Ryan Sheckler, and others.
Dude, those are the coolest skate shoes I have ever seen, can I have 'em.
by Guido1 March 4, 2008
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The awsomeest shoes in the world. Not just objects just to protect your feet, but actually for use in the sport skateboarding. The grip on the shoe is what makes them so popluar with skaters, because without a good grip, skaters cant do awsome tricks. Popular skate shoes include, fallen, etnies, element, DC, zoo york, osiris and adido.
Skater 1: Whoa look at those awsome etnies!
Skater 2: Yeah you should totally get them! Your skate shoes suck!
Skater 1: Ok I will! I need good grips to do awsome vert tricks!
by sk8r girl March 15, 2009
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Skate shoes were originally made for people who skate boarded, but now they are made for, and I quote from a friend, "Bell ends who want to look like they are gangsters by showing that they can roll along on a piece of wood with certain shoes, when these shoes do jack shit to help but just give the companies more money."
Person 1: I'm gonna be so MLG pro by grinding this board with dees pimp skate shoes
Person 2: It's a piece of wood...with some wheels....and some overpriced trainers made by chinese kids in sweatshops.
Person 1: Nah man it's the skill brah
Person 2:'s basically a scooter for older faggots.
by A Genius of Life February 25, 2014
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Said fock it and went all in, dedicating the time and effort for something to happen
“She better show up to this party, I cleaned the heel on my skate shoes for this”
by Hampton Grey April 16, 2021
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