One of the most intelligent teenage groups around at the moment (save nerds and geeks) and are despised by Chavs for this. You can be called a Greebo for the rest of your life simply for disliking a singular Chav, because Chavs cannot distinguish between Greebos and other people. However in the main Greebos have long hair (unlike popular belief we do wash it) and tend to like decent music, rather that Chav hip hop and rap and pop and crap like that, we listen to anything that is of interest, not neccaserily Metal. Anything from REM to full on death metal entertains us, and we especially like music that has a meaning. We do not generally try to dissasociate with the main, just Chavs, so no burberry trackies. We dislike Chavs but just try to keep a distance. However they then beat the shitt into you for being a wuss and not fighting with them.
Chav: Hey bro, there be a Greebo, lets fukin' kick 'im in like, proper gangsta like.

(About 20 chavs surround 1 or 2 Greebos)

Chav: Wat the fuk r u doin Greebo.

Greebo: Sitting down trying to ignore the burbery shit that just landed nearby.

Chavs: Ahh fuk off bruv, u is dissin our style, u fukkin' greeb

Greebo: Yes, yes i am.

Chavs: AHHH, wat is he sayin', i'm confused by single syllables, ohh no!!!

(Chavs run away like schoolgirls)

(Greebo smirks to himself, having won another battle without getting up)
by The Greebo January 10, 2007
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Deluded teenagers (usually) who believe that by some how wearing all black and listening to rock music they become "individuals" while remaining blissfully unaware that they're just creating their own version of so called "chavs" and "trendies". They generally moan about being picked on and "labeled" while at the same time labeling others that don't conform to them.

They're no different from any other group effected by trend, punks, greebos, chavs, indie kids etc. It's all the same.
The Greebo's where moaning about how they are the only "individuals"
by Keir123 August 23, 2008
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dont you sad people see that you shouldnt be a greebo or townie or whatever you should be whatever suits you wether it's seventies or goth but what is really pissing me of are those pople who put things like "greebos are people townies hate because they are cooler and better than them." Thats just pathtic because to me townies are better they are classy to me but I have plenty of mates wich are greebos and it just sounds as though you wont like sombody because they are wearing over priced nike trainers or a punk rock band you have never heard of on their sweater so i'm going to actually say what a greebo is without being any of those things.

A greebo (greb) is somebody who tends to wear clothing that is comfortable for them and is streotyped to enjoy listening to punk/metal/drum and bass when really they could like a veriaty including garage etc.
There were loads f townies and greebos hanging in the town
by nadia March 20, 2004
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Arrogant bastards who think they're so individual because they all wear the same baggy jeans, skirts, stripy socks combos. You're no different lovies just a different type of uniform. Most of them sniff at anything thats not guitar based rock you know there's nothing wrong with a bit of hip hop, dance, pop. Of course they sometimes like pop or dance music ironically. They take pleasure in being "Wacky" and as I think is perfectly demonstrated in some of these definitions. Just as narrowminded as those townies/ trendies they claim to hate. Nothing wrong with wearing trousers that fit...
Most likely to be heard saying "Free hugs for all"


"Aren't I weird"
by Kylie Everrett November 26, 2004
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Ah, Greebos. The net gloved wearing, stripy black and purple tights, three quater length trousers and usually a khaki/black/dark blue top with a.) a band name on (i.e Iron Maiden, Blink 182, Nirvana, System of a down, funeral for a friend, My Chemicval Romance ect) or b.) a brand name (i.e, Vans, converse, Dickies, Atticus, ect.) or C.)Some kind of skull, arrow through heart, offensive writing ect.
Ovbiously, they don't accosiate with Townies, Chavs, Trendies or boffs. They usually stick to their Greebo, Grundgie, gothic freinds who they hsng round with in a big group, generaklly sitting on a feild in a big circle. Often they have thier CD player/MP3/ I-POD on full blast shouting out some heavy, guitar cladded music about people who are mad. These people are the ones who DON'T want to fit in with other Groups at school because they think Chavs, Townies, Trendies are gay.
"Dude. I gfot the new my chemical romance CD yesterday. Its great." - Greebo.
by Robyn Cator May 06, 2005
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greebo, not goths not townies but human not even aliens... if your a greb then thats ur choice no one can tell u 2 change, as no 1 can tell u wot u can or cant be if its wot u want its pathetic...
Goth- mainly into selfharm dark moods and but most of them are quite nice
Greebo- not all greebos get stoned they wair baggys big deal
Townies- think there hard cos they can beat the livin shits out of people like grabos just cos they have big gangs n go to extreems of looking hip
Trendy- well its anova word for townie isnt it
Gangster- theres the greebo type and theres the townie type mostly found ingangs
skaters- usually found with a skate, board blades or bmx
so wot townies r tryin 2 say is that u dress act n are different u deserve to get beaten up for no real reason wen most of u r inocent leave people alone "TOWNIES U WONA B HARD Y DONT U GO N BEAT UP THE COMICS OR OTHER TOWNIES IF UR SO ARD N UR GUNNER BANG US OUT YA GREAT BANG YART U COS UR BIG N SO WOT IF PEOPLE R DIFFERENT" spose ur gunner b beating straight people up next yea like ya care
comic- comic crew very nasty people who go around beating people up for fun hang in same gangs get drunk and carrie knifes and gunns with them along with metal base ball bats etc n will beat up n e 1 u c a comic u run!!!
GREEBOS PUNKS SKATERS GOTHS ROCKERS MODS GANGSTERS there all different take the time to learn it n ull find that out
TOWNIE TRENDY BOY RACERS NORMS there all different but all act the same to people who they think are different

BIG DEAL im a greebo n no one is gunner take that away from me... SO GO AHEAD BEAT ME UP BUT ILL STILL BELIEVE IN WOT I WONA B COS IM ME N UR U!!!

x imo x
greebo- baggys, arm warmers, colourd hair, logo tops, skater shoos or goth boots, rock music etc... spose u could class stoners as another thing all together
townie-low cut tops, mini skirts, high heals, dance music, act stuck up and hard etc...
by IMOlovesBENNETT June 08, 2004
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A skiv. They smell a lot and tend to do rather skivvy things, like eat things off the floor, or fleg on people, or ask for bum sex.
*boy flegs on a moving fan, which deflects the spit onto a red eye named shane bailey*
by Samillyroy July 14, 2006
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