A grunger is a person who listens to grunge music mostly from the early 90's Seattle (including bands like Mudhoney, Nirvana, Soundgarden and Green river) and dresses accordingly. A grunger might be caught wearing clothes such as torn jeans, flannel shirts and tennis shoes (or babydoll dresses and screaming red lipstick if she happens to be a girl), but clothing doesn't really make a difference, because a grunger wears clothes that are COMFORTABLE and doesn't pay attention to appearance. A grunger might sometimes be perceived as dirty, because they don't give much thought to hygiene. As it seems, a lot of people have the misconception that a grunger wears baggy jeans and baseball caps and carries around a skateboard. That's not the case though. Grunge has nothing to do with skating and a typical grunger would probably not wear baggy jeans, caps or skating shoes. Grungers are usually past teenage, since the grunge movement became more common in the late 80's and early 90's. Unlike punkers, grungers don't feel the need to be particularly rebellious, they just don't care. Grunge is mostly about the love for a certain kind of music.
by Sari September 25, 2003
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Someone who follows the Seattle Grunge movement in ALL it's forms, not just fucking Nirvana (get a deal, examples: Hole, L-7, Pearl Jam, Babes In Toyland (although more Riot Grrrl), Alice in Chains, Sound Garden, PAW, Mudhoney, Screaming Trees, yes, and a million more I THANK YOU).

A "grunger" is also an expression for a person who follows this music and not the actual dress of the listener, although in the late 1980's they were associated with flannels and thrift store clothing due to lack of money (most teenagers are often broke because they insist on doing things their own way rather than sapping their daddy's credit cards for the latest football strips and Nike trainers. Get a deal you fucking townies and don't try to define what you'll never understand.
by Carly August 8, 2003
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someone who doesnt give a fuck what people think
usually reject mainstream society and going with the crowd
love to be different/minority
look grungy/like they havent showered in days
usually stoner/act like stoner
prep-dude you want to watch MTV
grunger-nah dude that shit is facist organization trying to brainwash the youth lets go sit in my basement and watch (some 90s stoner show)
by MrHardRock March 23, 2009
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possibly the most calm chilled out cool people you will ever come across,
they take life in its stride, they don't worry about stuff. The dress for a grunger is genrally about comfort, not about how it looks, also the grunger look is very practical, you can spend an entire weekend in it; unlike emo, you don't need to worry about anything.

May I also mention the terrific qualitiy of music that grungers listen to,
it rocks.

Grunger is used as a derivative insult by chavs towards anyone that is even slightly alternative, the chavs in my school are very fond of this particular 'put down'
*grunger walks along the road*

chav 1- ' oi look bruv itz a dirrrrrty grungerrr'
chav 3- *trys to laugh pathetically*
grunger- *walks over to the chavs"

*chavs run away screaming*
by S C A R F A C E June 1, 2006
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a bunch of cool guys who listen to rock,heavy metal punk ect. as long as its got electric guitars,bass, drums in it.like moshing

they are unique and are friendly with just about anyone but townies.They actually lead a life instead of sucking up to those fu**ing townies,grungers dont go with the crowd(which is gay townies).they wear baggy jeans and tops and chains which are actually COMFORTABLE so they sometimes look a bit messy

Townies are always trying to be nasty to grungers cos' they are jealos or other stupid reasons.But normally the insult comes out the same e.g "your a dic*" or fu** off!
this happens because townies have no intelligence at all cos' they dont go to school
Townie: Oi! wha' u lookin at!
Grunger: Your ugly face
Townie: Come on den!

(grunger will fight if ther is only 1-2 of them,but will run if there is 20 cos' townies are to afraid to stand up for themselves or scared of getting hurt)

Townie: You runnin away! You afraid of me!
Grunger: Yeah-im afraid your attracted to me!
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a fan of metal and grunge bands usally toghter nowdays. they are easy going cool people who arent show offs they dont pose by not posing as someone said they do what the like not what other people like usally long sometimes split hair and cloaths include jeans or raggy trousers band shirt with flannel or hoody on top with cons or dc martins or anythin bulky some grungers were accsesaries it dont matter. best people ever.im a grunger.
mix music. my style as a grunger is.

alice in chians
system of a down
pearl jam
white zombie
cradle of filth
the offspring
papa roach
stone temple piolts
by metal grungy fan August 25, 2006
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lawl its like ppl who hav long hair n wear ripped jeans n r depressed n stuffz lawl oh yea and they listen 2 nirvana n dress like kurt cobain yeah they like this and they dress like that lawl
But seriously...
Anyone can have long hair, everyone wears fucking ripped jeans and everyone gets depressed sometimes. What someone wears, looks like and how they act has NOTHING to do with what kind of music they listen to. There's no fucking dress code for liking a certain form of music; there are no rules and or requirements. Grunge is a genre of music, and that is all.
kid who labels themself a 'grunger':"i just bought a flannel shirt, some ripped jeans and a nirvana CD yay ima grunger"
by Esporc December 20, 2006
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