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any douchebag that hangs out at trendy bars wearing striped button up shirts that they bought at express for men.
Lets blow this joint. I dont like hanging at stripey bars.
by Jejune August 04, 2008
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An exclamation made when your friends or family are teasing you to a point where you can't handle it anymore and a hissy fit is in order.

Derived from a YouTube user's famed outburst following Britney's lackluster performance at the 2007 VMA's.
Sarah: 'OMG Susan, I can't believe you are wearing the same skirt as yesterday. Oh, and by the way, EVERYONE knows what you did with Kevin on the weekend. Plus you look a little fat, are you retaining water?'

by Billy Chickenhole September 15, 2007
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A name given to the striped animal for it's significance in the ecosystem.
by doodling June 29, 2011
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Someone that is facinated by the music of the 'White Stripes' and teh american new gararge rock scene
stripeys or stripes are common in indie clubs and the internet
by Chav January 08, 2005
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noun. An avid fan of independent music, the indie music scene, and the garage band duo the White Stripes in particular. Often used derisively once one's favorite band becomes mainstream.
"He's such a stripey, he even has a generic t-shirt that says 'My Fave Band is {adjective + numeral}!'"

The stripey went underground once the Moby versus Eminem fiasco petered out.
by iacole February 27, 2005
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The short, squishy girl that is for some reason always being picked up, squished, and given smooches. She is often the target of other girls who enjoy starting drama with her, yet she ends up brushing it off as if it's nothing. Stripey is very sensitive and usually kind, unless crabby or irritated.
Hey, look at stripey! She sure loves her Pringles!
by MramuhMai March 07, 2018
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