any douchebag that hangs out at trendy bars wearing striped button up shirts that they bought at express for men.
Lets blow this joint. I dont like hanging at stripey bars.
by Jejune August 5, 2008
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Someone that is facinated by the music of the 'White Stripes' and teh american new gararge rock scene
stripeys or stripes are common in indie clubs and the internet
by Chav January 9, 2005
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noun. An avid fan of independent music, the indie music scene, and the garage band duo the White Stripes in particular. Often used derisively once one's favorite band becomes mainstream.
"He's such a stripey, he even has a generic t-shirt that says 'My Fave Band is {adjective + numeral}!'"

The stripey went underground once the Moby versus Eminem fiasco petered out.
by iacole February 27, 2005
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A name given to the striped animal for it's significance in the ecosystem.
by doodling June 29, 2011
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A rare sub-species of IT guy. Often found in a makeshift lair under a computer desk, likes apathetic lions and striped shirts. Possessed of an inexplicable urge to feed people, possibly to keep them away from his lair.

Best known for dropping his trousers at random. There is no known correlation between these incidents and the number of people present.
Random person: "Holy crap! What's that guy doing?!"

Co-worker: "Oh that's Stripey Dave. Don't mind him, he does that a lot..."
by eBay_is_awesome November 9, 2010
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Someone who always wears stripey jumpers / cardigans and is obviously a cont!
'Watch out for that car philly you stripey cont!'
by twofat March 4, 2008
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A male who is fond of very white shoes, pooka shell necklaces, a vertically striped dress shirt, usually collar up, over-gelled hair, and may be seen alone or is followed around by a herd of his own clones IE:his friends. Usually conformity-retarded, and is found at any bar or club, or other gathering place. May or may not actually be wearing the stripey shirt, if not stripey, usually a polo shirt. See stripey shirted douches' girlfriend
Look at that stripey shirted douche. He is just like all his friends.

He has the gelled hair, the pooka shell necklace and the neon white shoes. Plus, he wears a stripey shirt with his collar up. The kid at church is such a douche.
by Puce Emu July 28, 2008
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