A 'greebo' is not some peace loving individual at all you hypocritical twats i am always classed as a chav so how do you have the cheek to say you dont want trouble when you mouth off in groups and if theres five or less you shit a brick if i come over to you and this individuality, you all listen to the same music, wear black, go to 'gigs' sit on skate parks etc, the majority of greebos are rich boy/girl mummys boys/girls that go on about how shit life is on your way home to a five bedroom house most of you are faking and just want attention and so what if chavs want to wear lacoste etc, my stone island jumpers was 140 my jacket 440 lacoste tracksuits are 180 and i work two jobs full time and part time and pay for my own shit including my car so no im not claiming benefits to afford it so either speak up in public or shut up being keyboard warriors you bunch of fucking idiots.
Greebo : theres a chav dude ha ha omg hes like smoking a fag and spitting oh my god cant wait to tell everyoneeeeee, fuckin mugs
by Danny stone island June 08, 2007
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greebos are rock/punk/indie listening hipocrites who wear baggy jeans n tops which usually represent a band/ fire/ skating brand or death. Greebos are hypocrites as they always cry and moan in order to be treated fairly like an normal person, when they themselves dislike people that dress in tracksuits and listen 2 grime/ drum n bass/ garage and label them chavs, as a result of their prejudice against these people some greebos are beaten. some greebos go as far as Wrist sliting. But all greebos constantly crave attention by wearing bright colours in order to stand out. And they wander why they get abused.
greebos: look at those chavs (PREJUDICE) siting on the wall (laugh)

people dressed in sporty clothes listening to diferent music to the greebos: Why are they looking at us what have we done to them

greebos: haha neds, dirty chavs living in council houses init

people dressed in sporty clothes listening to diferent music to the greebos: stop taking the piss, i have enough of this constant prejudice lets beat them!

( a few dayz later)

greebos: it was awful there were these chavs siting on a wall and they just came over n beat us up just because we were diferent :(

by Truth Speaking Kid December 27, 2006
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Late 1990s/ early 2000s expression used by some members of the rock crowd to insult other members who they believe "aren't rocking" or "don't know what it means." Commonly used by people who considered themselves Gothic to insult punk fans. Rarely adopted as a self-description.
"You like NOFX? Greebo."
by Aposter January 30, 2009
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A Greebo is defined as one who has hair longer than 0.6 inches, wears jeans instead of white "tracky bottoms", band t-shirts instead of an England football shirt, and listens to music that doesnt consist of a repeating 4-bar drum beat and an electronic woman singing about a shooting star across the midnight sky.
Greebo - "Have you got the time please?"

Chav - "Awh fuck off! Smack him! Smack him Dave! Go on! Go get the dogs Mike!"
by fuckaniggerup October 24, 2008
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Having reead through all the definitions there only seems to be one correct, and apparently, only one written by someone over 20. If you're not in you thirties it was likely you missed it. A greebo listened mainly to the Poppies, Neds etc, not metal or rock(especially not Iron Maiden). If you weren't around in the early 1990's them I'm afraid you're just a wannabe. Sorry kids! But definately keep on trying to keep the contemporary alternative scene alive.
Visit a Wonderstuff concert and they all appear from mid-thirty-greebo-land.
by Panacea April 05, 2006
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A greebo is a person who does not "fit" into the crowd. Thus they (by default) become a greebo, however they can never admit this. Also the person may of had something happen to them, and therefore feel the world owes them. I do not hate greebos, a a lot of friends are greebos, and no i am not a townie/chav/pikey, although a lot of my fiends are them to. The concept sucks to, become a greebo to be "different", but you all look a like, and there are so many of you. Though you will claim there are more townies, but that is because you class anyone who is not one of you a townie other then business men/woman. So people who dont class themselves as anything are townies to you.
Some greebos are cool

But most need to get over themselves and realise not everyone has a grudge against them!
by Peoples Advocate November 18, 2004
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A greebo is a person who usually lives in a rural small city in the midwest or someplace in canada or alaska. They follow mainstream metal and hard rock bands like Marlyn Manson or Slipknot. They buy those baggy fake bondage pants from hottopic.

But just because they don't know anything about real metal or punk rock, don't let that fool you, they're still hardcore as hell, they're just ignorant to boot. They tend to live in trailor parks or indian reservations and have mothers who are probably meth addicts or alcoholics.

They usually don't complete high-school and are charged with a variety of domestic violence crimes. They do plenty of drugs, and talk about it freely.

The reason why they dont know about the more obscure bands is because simply they haven't been exposed to any real 'scene' living in their rural community.
Tom was a goddamn greebo asshole with a face full of zits and long black hair. Spent all his time smoking ciggarettes in the highschool parking lot trying to sell meth, even though he dropped out 2 years ago. And he always wears the same goddamn Rob Zombie T-Shirt. I hear he also had sex with his cousin, but what else to expect in Alaska.
by John Handy September 27, 2007
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