Greebo's are really nice people who mostly dont always show it but hate fucking tonwies guts and think thier a waste of space they have brilliant taste in music better dress sence than townies and basically rule
and guess wat im one!
"oi look bruv' theres one of dose goths2

realli its a greebo but their dumb and dont know the difference

"yer! lets go kick that satan worshipers ass!"
by c-leigh January 01, 2005
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greb's are people who listen 2 slipknot disturbed ect wear baggy clothes (usually blak wid a band logo on it) and are often quiet and dnt want any problems with chavs and townies but hav 2 put up wid da shit tht they r given
greebo:plz go away
townie: scared are ya
greebo :no i just want to be left alone dumbass
townie: DIRTY FKIN GREEBO'S *and runs off*
greebo : wht a dik head

im a greb :)
by none of your buisness lol April 29, 2006
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A Greebo is essentially anybody who is not a Scallie/Towny/chav etc...
They can be a skater, or a punk or can have long hair and baggy trousers. It doesnt matter who they are, if they don't have a nike t-shirt or a cheap gold ring, they are classed as a "Greebo"
"Scallie" Oi Greebo, pull you're trousers up and gimme your wallet.

"Greebo" Fuck you
by Nathan ward June 08, 2004
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Another name for rockers from the early to mid 90's (Nirvana era), particularly before the current emo and definately not goths. More influenced by the grungy/scruffy look, torn jeans, band t-shirt etc and followed by the skate era. Nerdy tendancies and not driven by popularity. Basically the anti-trendies. Dont get them as much now. The kids from that era will be in their late 20's to late 30's now and probably have grown up. Tended to not wash very often (clothes or themselves)
by Shesh_66 February 21, 2008
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A greebo is, typically, a massive, fat, sweaty, long haired mess. Greebos are not necessarily fat, however, although they are usually sweaty messes. The typical greebo is into heavy metal and likes to use the word 'awesome' regularly, un-ironically. The current definitions on 'urban dictionary' for the word 'greebo' were almost 100% written by greebos. The typical greebo enjoys hanging around metropolitan town centres in a cult-like crowd, asking their friends "where their hugs are". They then attend greebo nightclubs, for example: the Glasgow Cathouse, and end up "sooooo drunk :3 xD" before leaving and infecting the local fast food outlets with their drunk greebo patter. Do not be surprised if you see a greebo wearing a metallica or iron maiden t-shirt, because this is the norm for them, and do not be surprised if you see them in public and cringe. It happens.
Rab: do you see that filthy greebo over there?
Josh: aye man, fuckin boggin.
by Rodebrecht November 28, 2015
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A term to categorise a person who likes hard rock/metal music. Wears Baggy trousers/jeans and a shirt emblazened with a band's name or logo. Generally hated by chavs for no apparant reason. Some greebo's may like some rap or hip-hop music, but usually a minority. They DO NOT hug trees (that's hippies). Contarst to belief, many do not self-harm or say they do. They are not depressed. I am a greebo, and in no way am i depressed, im a very happy person.
Chav 1 - OMFGZ itz one of dem goffiks ova der init gazza.
Chav 2 - lets go kick im in for being alive and not likin rap or any other mind numingly repetative music
Greebo - okay then *continues to walk by, minding own business*
Chav 1 - yer walk away u fukin pussy fukin goffik devil init

(Personal experience)
*4 greebos walking down a street, a chav cycles past, stares gormlessly at the 4 greebo's. the 4 stare back. Chav cycles further down the street. 5 seconds pass and the chav says "yer and wat ya fukin greebos?"

This concludes that chavs cannot stand up for themselves when alone
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