A Greebo is essentially anybody who is not a Scallie/Towny/chav etc...
They can be a skater, or a punk or can have long hair and baggy trousers. It doesnt matter who they are, if they don't have a nike t-shirt or a cheap gold ring, they are classed as a "Greebo"
"Scallie" Oi Greebo, pull you're trousers up and gimme your wallet.

"Greebo" Fuck you
by Nathan ward June 08, 2004
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'Greebo' is commonly used as an insult by chavs or townies to offend anybody that has a disimilar dress sense to themselves. May be used with any of the prefixes 'fucking', 'dirty', or 'filthy' and if being adressed by a chav or higher than average intelligence you may even get a suffix, for example: 'cunt' 'twat' or 'bastard'. This could give any number of wonderful insults like 'filthy greebo cunt'.
Other stereotypes can be used such as emo, grunger or goth but essentially to the chav mind it is all the same.
I could define the stereotypical 'greebo', 'emo' or 'goth' but really theres no need because these are just stereotypes and if you ever find yourself called one when you wouldn't necessarily consider yourself to be in that sort of social group then it is most likely because you are wearing an item of clothing that is black or hangs loosely on your frame, or if you have hair that spans between lengths of partially covering your forehead, to entirely covering your face.
To those hollering these names at you, regardless of whether they insult you or merely make you laugh at your assailant's lack of intelligence, the content of your character does not matter, they will simply assume that because you have hair that is not kept in trim with a lawn mower and that you listen to music with lyrics that do not include the words 'dawg' 'bitch' 'G' that you must worship the devil, be miserable with your life and want to end it pretty sharpish.
It is an unfortunate occurance. Because most 'greebos'are infact regular people with regular lives, jobs and aspirations. They are only targeted with verbal abuse because they are not wearing sports tracksuits, despite the irony that chavs do wear sportswear, they would do anything to avoid exercise.

So to anyone receiving rude remarks and words that these people don't seem to comprehend, even if they are shouting them at you, never mind. They are just calling you an individual and ever so slightly agitated that you are not a sheep like them, stabbing people, modifying cars that are deemed unroad-worthy upon purchase and giving pre-adolecents STIs.
This is a real life example, one that i had to put up with no matter how utterly stupid it actually was. This kid has called me a greebo before, just decided to comment on my hair this time instead:

I was just heading up the stairs on my way to my art lesson, second period in the day, three boys in the year below me where walking up the stairs infront of me. One of them says "get a haircut" after a little more walking in silence i thought to myself "hmm... i could form a witty response to that" but to avoid confrontation i merely grumbled a fairly quiet "no". It seems he must have been waiting for some sort of response or had just imagined one and retaliated because it's in his nature because he said "what did you say?" in as intimidating a voice as he could muster. I just looked at him with a smile and said "I'd rather not thanks." and then it began. He stopped on the stairs and gave me the typical crap. A mention about a fight, something about me starting. I was just thinking 'you stupid little twat'. so rather than turn around and take another set of stairs i carried on walking up the stairs without saying anything to him so he leant forward and tried to push me down the stairs. Really i thought this was a little harsh just because i disagreed with his judgement that i needed to cut my hair, and that i personally didn't even know this kid.
To cut a long story short after a little of him wrapping his tiny hands around my neck and a bit of me pushing him up the stairs i made my way to my art lesson. It was only then that i regretted having been wearing a big coat, a bag on my back and a folder in my hand, and dearly wished i could have thrown him down the stairs, followed by removing some of his more important organs and leaving him in an unattractive mess on the floor. But thats just how things go eh?
by yukoyishi March 04, 2007
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I think this is the first mention i heard of the word. most greebos i know/knew came out of the Dance/Punk act's of the early 90's God I feel Old
"To the Greebo's the Crusty's and the Goth'sand the Only Living Boy In New Cross"
Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine / 1992 The Love Album
The Only Living Boy In New Cross
Keef Flint/ Liam Howlett From the Prodigy, Or Mary Mary In Apollo 440.
by Marcus Gravy March 26, 2007
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A greebo used to be a hells angel without a motor bike. Someone who didnt wash, long greesy hair and would always been seen in the same set of clothes. You can hear this word be chanted in high school grounds or out around your local town. It will be shouted with a short gr-and an expanteding e- eding with bow.
greeeeeebo. which then is usually follwed by
Chavv scum.
A greebo is a word commly used by chavs for people who arnt chav. It is mostly used for; emos,goths,scence kids and grungers. This word is used Beuacse they cant tell the diffrence and have nothing better to do with there sad little lives.
by Social Reject June 03, 2007
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A term to categorise a person who likes hard rock/metal music. Wears Baggy trousers/jeans and a shirt emblazened with a band's name or logo. Generally hated by chavs for no apparant reason. Some greebo's may like some rap or hip-hop music, but usually a minority. They DO NOT hug trees (that's hippies). Contarst to belief, many do not self-harm or say they do. They are not depressed. I am a greebo, and in no way am i depressed, im a very happy person.
Chav 1 - OMFGZ itz one of dem goffiks ova der init gazza.
Chav 2 - lets go kick im in for being alive and not likin rap or any other mind numingly repetative music
Greebo - okay then *continues to walk by, minding own business*
Chav 1 - yer walk away u fukin pussy fukin goffik devil init

(Personal experience)
*4 greebos walking down a street, a chav cycles past, stares gormlessly at the 4 greebo's. the 4 stare back. Chav cycles further down the street. 5 seconds pass and the chav says "yer and wat ya fukin greebos?"

This concludes that chavs cannot stand up for themselves when alone
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Greebos dnt all smoke or self harm!! most just feel much comfortable in loose baggy jeans n lyk 2 support their favourite bands unlike townies who support their favourite brands or how many weeks pregnant they are!!
Female greebos often prefer 2 hang around sk8prks wid der m8s checkin out fit sk8ers, which hapen 2 b so much hotter den townies!! they wear loose baggy trousers, sk8 shus, stripy sox, baggy t-shirts, hoodies n if dey can b arsed a beenie!!
Male greebos wear similar style clothes n would probably b seen on a BMX or tryin 2 sk8bord!!
mny ppl av called me a greebo n i wouldnt say we fink we're betta den evry1 else we just dnt lyk bein catagorised we lyk da same kinda clothes sk8as wear but most dnt sk8..
would u lyk 2 b followed dwn a street havin abuse shouted at u coz of wot u wear?!?! nope dint fink so n dis is wot we get from dickhed townies hu r well 'ard!!!
Townie: Hey a new target
Greebo: WOT THE FUCK?!?!
Townie: u startin?
Greebo: no thnx ur alrite
Townie: hey ma homies we got sum goff
Townie: move n ur ded
*townie wlks off 2 get his homies*
Greebo: cyaz i'll b bk in an hr!!! ya stupid dickhed
by greebo_aka_townie_h8a November 22, 2004
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Another name for rockers from the early to mid 90's (Nirvana era), particularly before the current emo and definately not goths. More influenced by the grungy/scruffy look, torn jeans, band t-shirt etc and followed by the skate era. Nerdy tendancies and not driven by popularity. Basically the anti-trendies. Dont get them as much now. The kids from that era will be in their late 20's to late 30's now and probably have grown up. Tended to not wash very often (clothes or themselves)
by Shesh_66 February 21, 2008
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