Planet Earth's fastest field game. Originated in Ireland and is over 2000 years old - it shows up in ancient Irish legends. Slightly similar to Field Hockey but played mostly in the air rather than just on the ground. Players can catch the ball, run it for a few steps, or run unlimited steps with the ball balanced on the end of the stick. The target is a set of H-posts like in Rugby but with a net on the bottom section like in Soccer. You get one point for putting the ball over the bar (known as a point) and three for putting it in the net (known as a goal). Physical contact is allowed. Helmets are optional.
by Eamonn October 3, 2003
A traditional Irish game played with a stick(hurley) and ball(sliotar).
Carey sent the sliotar right to the back of the net!
by Gman May 4, 2003
thirty blokes trying to kill each other with sticks. brilliant to watch but you've got to be irish to want to join in.
"i played a game of hurling last week and now i've only got half a face"
by noodlé January 14, 2004
A truely beautiful game, the irish have perfected violence and speed and given it a league to play in.
sticks and stones may break my bones but hurling deffinately will
by shaneaisbett July 1, 2004
rough Irish sport that involves a stick and ball. You beat the ball and other players with the stick. Fouls are rarely called, and much blood is shed on the field.
George went to play hurling so he could beat some guy with a wooden stick, and play a damn fine sport at the same time.
by PV July 10, 2003
The most mean and evil teamsport on the globe. Played with special sticks, the referee is nearly only on the pitch to count goals scored etc, fouls are rare (eventhough the players often beat the sthit out each other)

Mainly played in Eire and New York
Hurling is not for sissy's

Johns kneecaps are pretty much gone after 5 years of hurling
by eejit June 27, 2004
probably the toughest sport on earth and one of the oldest.
Forget all you yanks going on about 'football' and lacrosse being SO hard. This is the daddy of them all. Played mostly in Eire where it originates but also played quite a bit in the UK.
There is a Scots version called Shinty that is just as fast
by bigmeuprudeboy October 28, 2003