A person who tries too hard to be someone that they don't want to be. An example may be 'Camilla'. They try to be so 'emo' and 'scene' by dying all thier old clothes black and overshopping at H&M.
Camilla in her new rave clothes, she looks like such a greeb
by Dean5 February 29, 2008
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Typically a try hard pre-teen. It is hard to find a greeb over the age of about 17, and under 10 (although you do find certain odditys) Generally they wear a HIM/MCR/Hello Kitty/Panic! At the Disco top, with destroyed baggy jeans/exceedingly tight bright-assed skinny jeans. Braclets and accessories a must. Sometimes they wear glasses to look cool (not because they are blind) and hang around drinking and doing drugs/smoking, anything to try and look cool.

Basically a rip off of a scenekid/metal head. Infamous for having "the angles" on MySpace/Bebo, where you take photos from above yourself, to make yourself more flattering/less of a fat shit. Usually has "x"s at the back and front of their msn name. Tries to get dates and girlfriends via MySpace, usually to a funny result. Basically all the worst bits of puberty rolled into one stereotypical mess.

Can be found any saturday on College Green, in Bristol, UK.
"Hey man, i love your bright neon studded belt, it makes you look so manly and apsolutely nothing like a greeb!"
"Thnx dude, ur so kewl I jst luv bein acceptd by those xScenex kidz overe dere, do u fink if I try to be lik dem they'll notic me?"

not a blind chance you stupid kiddy.
by jon_sparky November 10, 2008
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An awkward, possibly academic person, with no social skills to speak of. A leach who sucks any enjoyment or craziness from a situation. Someone who takes pride in mundande aspects of life and work that no-one else cares about. Anal. Pathetic.
Rick- Arite Kenneth, what're you so happy about?
Kenneth- I just finished Colour Coding my school books in individual files! Every subject and every topic is just a look at the colour away!
Rick- Goddamit Kenneth, you're such a greeb!
by uwanttruthitellz May 10, 2009
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someone who uses emo as an excuse for ugliness.
greebs amount to half the people on myspace who hold their camera at such an angle that you can only see half their face when taking photos
by dave ralph April 02, 2008
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also known as greebo. York version of mosher. Listens to 'hard-core' music, dresses in baggy jeans etc.
by Siobhan April 09, 2004
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A large amount of the population of Newport is made up of greebs.
Unwashed dyed black hair, all their wardrobe is from the back of blue banana.
Usually aged between 10-16.
Desperately trying to be 'emo' or 'scene' but they just can't get there...
Whys that greeb keep staring at us?
I dunno lets go batter it.
by beckyiscool October 16, 2007
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usually a young pre-teen girl (13-16 typically) who is basically trying to be 'scene' or 'emo'. a poser or wannabe, you could say.

excessive use of eyeliner, applied messily, and far too much hairspray... or lack of. shitty chunk of hair pinned to one side to create a 'side fringe', and most of the time, a shittly placed clip-in extension, of an un-natural colour (blue, red, green, ect).

you can usually expect to see a greeb walking about in brightly coloured skinny jeans. a my chemical romance jacket usually is a must. lots of fashion accessories: wristbands, bracelets, necklaces, hair clips, usually involving something to do with hello kitty.
greeb: OMG MCR SAVED MY LIFE!!!!!!!
by margaretHORROR April 03, 2008
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