to have sex with a girl playing hardcore deathmetal music and then having her bite the crub and stomp on her head as showin in American history X
oh yea mary came over to my place last night and i gave her the skinhead...
by TribalSoRaged May 2, 2008
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A movement started in Britain in the 60s when the mod scene met the hippy scene. The mod scene split, and the "hard mods", the ones who hated hippies, got harder. With a little influence from Jamacian rudeboys, the skinhead was born out of the hard mod. Most of the music was held over from the mod days, but there were ska and reggae imported from the rude boys.

In the 70s, many punk-rockers became Skinhead, Skrewdriver among them, and brought Oi! and RAC into the scene.

Skinheads represent the working class, and fight with honor.

There are 4 main types of Skinheads:

Traditional Skinheads (Rejects all politics and labels)

Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice (SHARP) Anti-racist Skinheads

White Power/National Socialist(Neo-Nazi) Racist Skinheads

Red Anarchistic Skinheads (RASH)
Communist Skinheads

There's also GASH (Gay Aryan Skinheads), but they're just a joke.

The general "uniform" of the Skinheads are flight jackets, Fred Perry's/polo shirts/dress shirts, Levi 501s/tight jeans, steelcap combat boots (Doc Martens, Gripfasts, and others), and either shaved head or close-cut hair. Sideburns are common.

Generally, skinheads reject hard drugs, although drinking and smoking are common.

Skinheads love to go out drinking with the boys, get rowdy, and kick a few skulls in.

Skinheads work for a honest, working-class living with their own sweat and blood.

Oi, Oi, Oi!
I'm a skinhead, and if you got a problem with that, I'll kick your teeth in.
by oioioibootboy May 31, 2004
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One who shaves his head, wears boots, and represents the working-class. There are three variations of skinhead. Traditional, Racist, Anti-Racist.
Skinheads romp da romp romp.
by T March 20, 2003
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A guy or girl who believes in working class values and respects those who share the same beliefs. Not all skinheads have shaved heads, wear suspenders or wear boots, but these are good signs. Not all skinheads are racist, but unfortunately some are. They are "boneheads" to the rest of the skinhead world because of the blemish they have put on a proud group of working class kids. Skinheads are of every race, every religion, because it's not who you are, what race you are or any external factor. It's what is in your heart. Traditional skins look to their english and jamaican roots for their lifestyle and thier music (oi, punk, ska, reggae, rockabilly). SHARP (SkinHeads Against Racial Prejudice) skins are the democrats of the skinhead world, accepting all and defending thir way of life. A skinhead friend of mine once told me that he only fights for 3 things: his family, his friends and his honor. This is what is important to skinheads, not "protecting the white race" or to carry out Hilter's unfinished work.

It's something you are. It's not a style. It's not a fad. It's a way of life. Skinheads will live on as long as there fat cats in power who don't give a sh#t about the youth of today. We're proud, we're pi$$ed and we're here to stay.
"The Hebrew Hammer aka zak" got the sh#t kicked out of him by a traditional skin he was bad-mouthing. With your intolerance, you're no better than the very nazis and supremacists you ridicule. Open up your eyes before a real skinhead opens up your skull, free of charge..."

"That skinheads braces are almost as wide as he is."

"Great big boots
grimy laces
pants held up by scarlet braces
Get out of my way
or get sent for a ride.
We've just got violence in our minds"
The Last Resort
by The Last Resort May 7, 2004
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Plural for wordskinhead/word
by Anonymous February 4, 2003
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A subculture that developed in 1960s Britain by combining elements of English mods and immigrant Jamaican rude boys. They mainly listened to ska, reggae and soul music. In the 1970s, some were also influenced by the punk rock scene and began to listen to Oi! music, also known as streetpunk.
Look at that skinhead beating up that Nazi!
by Spy Kid March 12, 2003
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For someone to claim himself or herself
a skinhead is simply a claim to dedication to the cream of the working class
crop. However, it takes a certain breed of character, not just any joe on
the job, to make what is pridefully known as a skinhead. Skinhead is not
about colour, race, religion, national origin, or anything of the sort,unless you a bonehead or nazi. It is a brotherhood of individuals who share the same passions in what we call
being a skinhead.
Traditonal Skinhead(Trojan or TradSkin)
-R.A.S.H.(Red.And.Anarchist.Skin.Heads.)-S.H.A.R.P.(Skin.Head.Against.Racisl.Prejudice)-Nazi(Some nazis are just political!)

by Conrad The Trad February 3, 2004
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