Hoody is another word that reffers to a sweater that has a hood. Most have one big pocket in the front that you can put both hands in. A few of then have zippers, but those aren't as common as the more normal pull-over ones.
by lbchris05 March 5, 2003
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when you feel like a gangsta and confident at the same time

originating from the song of the same name by devin millar
Random person: Man do i feel hoody today! i think we should go hang with our homies
by Justicewithtacosandweed August 1, 2022
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A clitoral hood piercing that enhances female pleasure during sexual activity. Guys, this is the straight shit here, if your woman wants one, say yes. You won't be disappointed, and more importantly, neither will she.
Girl 1: I got a hoody today, and my boyfriend wants to see it.

Girl 2: Nice, mind if I borrow it sometime?

Girl 1: Not that kind of hoody

Girl 2: Not that kind of...ohh, THAT kind of hoody?

Girl 1: <smiles>
by Bulldog6 April 11, 2010
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The female analogue to the male "woody". So called for the physical reaction to sexual arousal in some woman wherein the prepuce of clitoris (hood) pulls back. Although not common in breeder parlance, the term hoody is gaining popularity in the queer community.
That girl we met at the softball game tottaly gave me a hoody.

Naw, she didnt make me wet, but I popped a hoody the moment she walked in the room.
by NrkeyQueer May 24, 2006
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Refers to an uncircumcised penis as it resembles a hot dog wearing a hooded sweat shirt.
some dude: "You pull bitches with that thing?"

hoody dude: "hell yeah they love the hoody"

hoody chics friend: "He calls it a what?..."

hoody chic: "A HOODY. I swear its the ugliest penis I've ever seen.
by PFC Goodwill December 5, 2005
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A royal member to the hood. A real O.G. Original Gangster. Hood figga.
Fagget 1: who da fuck dat man?
Fagget 2: Hes a real hoody.
by Mattmanjr November 8, 2007
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You've been accused of something that totally bites, so you say, "That's hoody."
by Little Northern Girl February 10, 2005
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