to know the subject or topic;well known of a subject
I felt very knowleged in science.
by bob farney September 30, 2008
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To school someone who doesn't know what they're doing or talking about.
I'ma drop some knowledge on yo head 'bout how we do on the South Side, you heard?
by erudyte August 27, 2005
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to drop knowlege on someone is to drop some brains on them in other words to cum all over them, bust a nut etc.
damn that girl is fine i'd love to drop some knowlege on her
by tim February 14, 2005
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The areas of perception relating to bovine defication and genocide, specifically the holocaust. Most often expressed through excessive, repetetive, mispronounced words by people of power or arrogance in a condesending manner towards people who have more important things to do.
todays theory of knowleged provided for a good nap/aneurysm/flogging of my expectations of others' moral deceny.
by reason March 11, 2005
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