Believe it or not this actually results in murder. Some people honestly have a weakness to names and are physically hurt by them. People will not only be willing to hurt you, but willing to eventually kill you if you continue to call them names and/or say stuff about them.

This comes from the aspect of pride where you shouldn't tolerate things people do to you that you don't like. But when there goal is obviously just to make you mad, by getting mad it gives them what they want. The only way your gonna let some words bother you that much is if you have low self esteem

Now last time I checked the only force that words have come from the air pressure that leaves your mouth. How badly you let names bother you is YOUR fault. There is no command someone can say that will make you automatically attack them against your will. People seriously try to justify attacking somebody or vandalizing there property, or even irrelevant violence because they were called names.

When are people gonna realize that it's not what they call you it's what you answer to?
Name calling is involved in 67% of murders in the United States
by Optical_Epilepsy July 20, 2010
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when you use a commercial brand name as an insult of compliment.
person 1: you are such a Dorito

person 2: nice brand name calling
by 101010102 August 30, 2010
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