Quicksilver is no ordinary x-man, he has super speed and super looks. He is considered, among many to be a god. He is literally the best thing to ever happen to the marvel universe
Man #1 woah bro did you see quicksilver over there

Man #2 yeah man he's a total god
by Pietro Django Miximoff March 20, 2017
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Peter Maximoff's code name in the X-Men movies. He can run super fast and God-damn, is that guy hot! He is the cutest X-Man, no competion. He is awesome.
Me: "Gosh, Quicksilver is adorable, hot and funny."
Sis, Juliet: "X-Men QS, or Avengers QS?"
Me: "X-Men, there is no competion."
Peter Maximoff is the best Quicksilver. Fight me if you disagree.
by Taco <3 unicorns August 4, 2017
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An archaic term for the element mercury - a heavy silver-white poisonous metallic element that is liquid at ordinary temperatures and is used especially in scientific instruments.
Check what the temperature is with this old quicksilver thermometer.
by Aaron Brown January 29, 2005
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The code name of a mutant - Pietro Maximoff - from the X-Men Comic Books and TV Shows. Mutant power of super speed.

The sexiest cartoon character alive.
Quicksilver first appeared in the Evo episode "Speed & Spyke".
by Flower April 18, 2004
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The codename for the mutant Pietro Maximoff, who possesses the power of super speed. (From X-men) He is known for being cocky and arrogent about his abilities, and is the most awesome cartoon character in existance.
Quicksilver ran to the store to buy a box of ramen noodles.
by Nuku May 26, 2004
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A game that features a bunch of dudes jerking off around a pizza. The last guy to squirt his manjuices has to eat the pizza.
"Bruce and Lance came over to play quicksilver with the boys from the club and now I have an upset stomach"
by crashngdog May 12, 2006
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The codename for a late-model powermac G4
I have a Quicksilver G4 at home.
by Zak Zennii July 20, 2005
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