I think you all know what bad spelling is.

It is a thing you should try not to do.

It is especially important if you are doing something like adding a definition to urban dictionary, posting on a forum or adding to wikipedia etc., and would like your definition, or post, to be taken seriously and to avoid all your hard work being ruined and losing credibility.

I am not including any spelling differences that exist between the UK and the US and am only referring to 'established' words rather than urban, street, text or forum and IM languages.

You do not have to be a good speller. You can always have dictionary.com open in another window, or just type the word (however you think it's spelled) into google, and if it's spelled incorrectly, google will offer alternatives, and you can just cut n paste!
The definition, about the drug, seemed to make sense and I was begining to think that the person who had posted it was correct, until I spotted they had spelled 'heroine' instead of 'heroin'.

The bad spelling started me doubting the knowledge and intelligence of the person posting the definition and, therefore, the definition itself.
by Jimi p August 10, 2006
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when you have horrible spelling and my friend (named aiden) says
“you guys have bad spells”
y/n : wtf aiden

and you proceed to harass him about it till he dies
You guys have bad spells.”
by fynnbugz March 1, 2023
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A 100% REAL disorder where you brain cannot mentally put together words correctly. No matter how many times the said person reads or writes the correct word, when spelling it on their own it doesn't click. Similar to Dyslexia but not the same in any means. Doesn't effect reading.
Me: I think Ella has Bad Spelling Disorder
Mom: Dumbfuck probably does.
by XOLoUwU June 17, 2019
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