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The exact opposite of a "Bastard".
A child living without a mother
Man #1-Your mom was such a fucking whore, she died after having you, her 18th child!

Man #2-Yeahh! That means your a God Damn Dirtsaab!!
by Marcus May 25, 2004
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What another driver on the road is after you've passed them rapidly.
also: toast-ed
"I toasted that dude on the straitaway!"
"I made toast outta that slow ass, yo!"
by Marcus September 08, 2003
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Fan of the Detroit Lions!!! enjoys seeing joey harrington throw TDs and likes seeing the cleveland browns lose
Detlion04 knows how the restore the roar
by Marcus April 23, 2005
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Another term for the word faggot
Guy 1- He man, I heard you had sex with your 1st cousin, Shelby last week.

Guy 2- Goddamnit you faygoat, how many times do I have to tell you: I didnt know at the time!
by Marcus May 25, 2004
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1. To botch something up
2. To have horribly bad luck
3. The special power of Ken
Just when everything was going well, Ken got a rock and McGee was raped by a goat
by Marcus November 19, 2003
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Ficala (noun): often used in a term of great anger when one gets so upset at the internet and he or she will say, "Great, I'm on fake online". Once they say it so fast with so much anger inside of them they get tounge twisted and end up saying "Ficala".

People with a really crappy ISP experience ficala.
My stupid computer is on ficala. I HATE THIS INTERNET!
by Marcus July 17, 2004
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An omnipotent godlike figure that cannot be surpassed no matter how hard one tries. It's just impossible. If you ever come across a Breekan, one should just give up trying to defeat/outsmart/outdo it in anything.
"I got my ass pounded by a Breekan last night when I challenged him to a game of pool"
by Marcus March 28, 2004
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