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Rockaway Beach- a life filled party town. the summers=booze and weed and the winters dont change. if your a boy you lifeguard once your 16 and become a firefighter at 22. if your a girl maybe you life guard but if not your a nurse or a teacher. Rockaway kids start drinking at 10 and have all been fucked up til they cant walk by 14. everyone swims and everyone plays a sport. they have always had a rivalry with Brooklyn and usually drink their enemies under the table the first chance they get. all the white kids are irish and they hate the kids from Far rock. Every crew has a gay lil name and they keep it well into college. everyone goes to the same schools boys 2 xavier xaverian and girls to kearny and fontbonne. every other skool is expelled from the group especially the dirty whores from stella. BROAD CHANNEL is a dirty skanky place and they all suck dick no one dares to like them. all in all rockaway is the shit. If your not irish get the fuck out and if you can't drink your not accepted and it is the only place where we close down 4 our own holiday. rockaway beach, drink it up
Yo dude i was at the sickest house party in Rockaway Beach
by Dasrock February 7, 2009
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Often mistaken for Belle Harbor (a more uptown division of the peninsula,) Rockaway Beach is a neighborhood that revolves around beach life. Rockaway is located in Queens, New York and is has lots of of Irish families living there. During the winter, kids are sledding on hills and playing in the snow but when it gets too cold we're just chilling at each other's houses. During the summer everyone's at the beach and at parties and having the time of our lives. There's lots of businesses, from pizza places to surf shops to tattoo parlors. Kids usually form their own close group of friends and the parents are friends too. After you pass 116th street it's basically Belle Harbor, where it's a bit of a safer area and the kids get a bit meaner to outsiders. The common surfing spot is 90th street, and it's very localized, so if you're new to the beach it's best to gradually earn your spot in the lineup. Things are stolen sometimes and people can be shady but if you stay with your friends and are careful you'll be fine. I've lived in Rockaway my whole life and I never want to leave, and I'm so happy with my life there. The rockaway kids all surf and love each other more than anything and are always together whether it's on the beach or not. Uptown in belle harbor, kids aren't as into surfing and generally aren't as good. Rockaway is all-around the best place to be but was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy. We will rebuild and be better than ever!
Person 1: "Hey dude, wanna come to Rockaway Beach with me?"
Person 2: "Is that the place the ramones made a song about?"
Person 1: "Yeah! It's awesome!"
Person 2: "Let's go!"
by the rockaway girl July 27, 2013
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A very small town in Oregon that consists of seagulls, cheap tourist merchandise and about 12 people that never have anything to do. Ever.
The Pronto Pup, a brand of corn dog, was invented at Rockaway Beach in the late 1930s. Nothing else has happened since.
by A Greene July 17, 2008
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A very fast blowjob, to completion, within two minutes. Similar in both rhythm and length to that of a typical Ramones song.
My girlfriend gave me a Rockaway Beach Blowjob during a commercial while we were watching Jeopardy last night! It was awesome!
by RamonesFan1974 May 3, 2016
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A very fast blowjob, to completion, within two minutes. Similar in both rhythm and length to that of a typical Ramones song.
My girlfriend gave me a Rockaway Beach Blowjob during a Jeopardy commercial last night! It was awesome!
by RogerBarret8780 May 2, 2016
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Rockaway is a beach town we’re everyone stays up til 2 having big parties and having fun. In Rockaway you find the best people ever .if you don’t live in Rockaway then you don’t have a good life.ROCKAWAY IS AMAZING
Hey are you going to the best beach

Ya Rockaway beach
by Rockaway gal July 1, 2018
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