1. A person, thing, or senario in which there is excess of a particular characteristic. This is usually implied by an adjective, or noun being used as an adjective, before the word.
1. In one episode of The Simpsons, Homer refers to god as Killy McGee: "Dad I love you. If it were up to me you would never die. (points up) But try telling that to Killy McGee up there!"
2. Assy McGee, is a cartoon series thats main character is entirely a human posterior.
3. The term Chesty McGee is used to refer to a woman with reference to her bust.
by Libertatia December 21, 2006
an english teacher who fails 80 percent of his students and if you are late to a quiz or test you automatically get a fucking zero and to make up work you have to give in a note but we all know that we that we write fake ass absence notes
Kol: walks in late
McGee: u missed the quiz thats a zero

Kol: Can I make it up sir?
McGee: you were late so theres no excuse. Your lateness is killing your grades
McGee (To everyone): I always tell you guys, your lateness is killing your grades
by sluncky June 11, 2019
a term used when there is a lot of something
"shit, chavs mcgee"
"whoa,lets chip outta here man, pigs mcgee"
by DeathEgg666 June 14, 2006
Scottish variation of bare meaning lots of; many; extreme amount
see Shetland Toss
Och aye laddeh, tha' bonny wee lass' got lochs mcgee!
by scf27 September 18, 2007
1. An incredible end to an insult.

2. A most foul and hideous being, with a nose like a crow and breath like a walrus' anus
1. Man, he's saggy balls McGee.

2. ..Eurgh, mcGee.
by Spadeface:) April 28, 2008
n. Large person, ussually in hieght, with a slightly belligerent personality.
I wouldn't mess with a McGee like that, you'll get yourself hurt.
by DR34DL0CKZ December 2, 2009
The act of attempting to calm an escalting, violent encounter by the offering of a small peace keeping gift, most commonly but not limited to, a ciggarette to the aggressor in an attempt to distract him/her from their original intention.
Emmett was about to get roundhouse'd outside by some guy untill Gavin decided to act McGee and offered him a smoke and talked it out.
by alejandrog June 2, 2011