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Internet Service Provider. Your choice of an ISP can either be bery wise and beneficial, such as choosing SBC Yahoo! or EarthLink, or give you an idea of what Hell is like, by choosing AOL.
Words cannot describe how much AOL sucks. Worst ISP ever.
by anonymous June 20, 2005
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(Internet Service Provider)

The local networks most normal people have to dial itno to reach the Internet; ISPs, in turn, make deals with such Internet backbone owners as MCI in order to connect to the Internet.
by Larstait November 06, 2003
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Abbrev. for "Internet Service Provider", or in my case, "Internet Shit Provider" because AOL is fucking gay.
by anapplemacphreak December 04, 2004
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Internet Service Provider

It may not seem like much, but this word is one of the scariest things to an amateur hacker-the ISP can see through any proxy.
Hey, your ISP found out about that file you illegally downloaded.
by Kirby Kile October 10, 2012
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ISP is the provider of your internet (AOL, BT, NTL etc). AOL is a brilliant example of a gay ISP.
AOL is a gay ISP, Cause they're shit!
by NeoPuma August 02, 2004
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