a beautiful young woman who gets every guy with her bright smile
trulys are always the nicest people
they also have nice eyes and hair, they have many friends and little enimes
truly, accused of being a sult because of her number of guy friends-
her body is one of a million, big butt
hey remember that truly girl?
yeah y?
she was so cute, and that smile
ikr, i wish she was my girlfriend
by craly78889 January 27, 2015
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Truli is great friend. She will always make you your day and keep your secret. Truli is responsible and has many friends. And she may not always be going through the easiest times but she will always put on a smile. Truli is the most trustable person you will ever meet and she will not let you down. Truli is super lovable and great.
“Omg Truli is the best”

I know right
“Like who doesn’t want to be friends with her”
by AmazifulSloth May 13, 2019
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Truly, The most {wonderful} girl you could ever meet. Once you look into her eyes you will loose your self in an {ocean} {bliss}. The {kindest} {heart}, has {love} for the whole world,. When she smiles it's like a space creating new {glorious} {life}. Items, money, superpowers, location, doesn't make {heaven} on earth. She does. {Truly}, she is an {angel}, or he.
Damn, I {truly} wish I knew her she looks beautiful.

I know right bro. She is {truly} sizzling hot.
by MissTruly February 12, 2019
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I see the lone star
I make a wish
You wouldn’t be so far…
In your arms I would be…
Telling me…
My love you see…
I tell the star,

I will always believe…
My love, for eternity…
It is for he….
This star hears me…
I know we will be !!!
I truly love you

More than anything!!!!
by 4-u October 5, 2023
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All my fur-babies are trulys!
by LoneStar2911 January 14, 2020
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me, myself, I (from the parting salutation at the end of a letter)
If you want to know more about them, just ask yours truly.
by Light Joker August 10, 2005
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A competition that all participants must consume each 8 cans of Truly's each. All timed under 1 hour. If one participant has consumed all 8 cans, under an hour. They have completed the challenge and won. The losers must finish their packs of truly’s for not being first.
“Look at all of those cranked people over there, they must have done the Truly Challenge.”
by joeboe69420 December 17, 2020
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