The politicaly incorect way to spell tongue. The real human way to spell tounge. (Excuse me Mr. Webster, this is the correct way to spell tounge.) The standard Love Muscle for male and female.
She had a very nice tounge piercing.
by Biff2 September 29, 2006
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How stupid people spell the word "tongue."
Is it really that fucking hard?
by a pseudonym November 10, 2004
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used to lick or suck
last night this dude made me cum with his tounge
by THE-FINEST-BITCH February 4, 2008
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what you eat pussy with
ohhhhh my god eat my pussy out with your tounge
by Pussy Destoyer15 January 18, 2017
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When someone bites your tongue. Usually when getting off.
Girl: Omg! I was getting off with this guy and he tounged me!
Girl 2: Ow! Did it hurt?

Boy: I like a good tounge.
Boy 2: Really? My tongue spilt last time!
by cantspell January 31, 2011
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to lick and suck on a girls boobs for pleasure.
i tounged my girl friends tities while we were doin it last night.
by kevin December 6, 2003
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to lick
she tounged me till i nearly blew my load.
by Ell October 28, 2003
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