(She wanted me to come to her)
by F-Sargent January 11, 2003
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Means the same as 'cum' - it's just a different spelling, so calm down.

Check it out on dictionary.com if you want, both spellings are acceptable.
"I'm about to come"

"I'm also about to cum"
by Tom Preston September 5, 2004
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We use this word for cum
Me: Are you going comming
Friend: Yes?
Me: with who?
Friend: fuck no, I ain't comming.
Girl: Come with me!
by smertieboi February 21, 2019
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A word that stupid people laugh at when they have just discovered the meaning of cum.
Person: He's coming from over there.

Stupid teenage girl: lolorz 1he said come!1 1 !!
by Prof. Goldman December 1, 2010
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and cum 1. semen or any fluid secreted at orgasm

2. to have an orgasm
Don't forget top clean your come off the couch.
by Light Joker February 22, 2006
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I like to come! Coming is fun! I like the feeling.
by penis puffer March 16, 2005
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when your girlfreind is getting hit from the back then yells
come daddy
by yahboi699 January 30, 2020
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