Chao would mean Smelly in Hokkien, a Chinese dialect.
Chee Bye would mean Vagina.
Together it would be smelly vagina.
Normally used as a very insulting bad word in Singapore.
Stop being a fucking Chao Chee Bye!

by cheebyelangg February 12, 2009
The ultimate phrase of insult in hokkien. Most commonly used by hokkien-speaking chinese males ranging from age 14 to their death and ah lians of all ages.

It's literal meaning is:
fuck your mother's smelly pussy.

Wah lan eh! You cheebye kia.. how dare you doublecross me? kan ni na buey chao chee bye.. you going to die.
by Op743r0 August 23, 2003
ka ni na bei chao chee bye

This is a vulgar phrase commonly used in Singapore as an insult, it's words originate from the many different races residing in the country. Namely, hokkien and Malay, this phrase means Fuck your mother's smelly vagina.
To break it down simply,

Kaninabei = fuck your mother

chao = smelly

cheebye (or jibai) = vagina.

Normally, in text messaging, it's shortened to knnccb. knn is the short form of Kaninabei while ccb is Chao Chee Bye . Hope this helped :-)
"Ka ni na bei chao chee bye, think your grandfather's road ah?" - Di Gan
"Sorry boss I get lost now" - John

"knnccb that fucker gave me 3 detention sia" - Di Ming
"lmao bro sad life"- Adam
by CurryVum March 19, 2016
The mother of all insults, this 7-hit combo literally means "fuck your mother's smelly pussy" in Hokkien. This forbidden phrase is only to be reserved for people whom you have an extreme hatred toward as it is sure to elicit an explosive or violent response.
Kan ni na bu chao chee bye, want fight isit?
by Rashid Khalifa May 13, 2021