Look at the remarkable work Kelli did on her web site!
by ed420 December 5, 2006
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A bit of useless speech that serves no real purpose except to gain attention.
Billy kept interrupting with a bump remark, saying "yeah, that's cool!"
by I, Wreckerrr January 14, 2017
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A statement said in an attempt to appear witty or clever, but that has been overused to the point of having exactly the opposite effect
Tom - I graduated from an American high school, so I don't know what it's like over here.
Mark - Wow, you got all the way through it without getting shot?
Tom - What a store remark.
by MatureIndividual February 27, 2020
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words used to degrate someone, usually said in a sarcastic tone to make a person feel stupid, idiotic, fat, or just not welcome. If done right with friends, it will result in laughs and smiles of "i hate you"
you ate the whole cake! you fat bastard!
hey, hows my little asain doing today?
stupid jewish crap..won't work right.
duhh way to go retard.

these are all examples of some derogatory remarks
by AJ32 December 4, 2008
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It's when someone thinks they're top shit, only to let their ego decide what comes out of their mouth.
Teacher: Why aren't you getting this down, I'm writing this on the board for a reason.
Student: My laptop ran out of battery.
Teacher: There are some people in this world you just can't help.
Student: You could have just told me nicely, no need for the smart remark.
by Richard drives a Hertz April 29, 2016
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Sneering, malicious, sly, critical, derisive remark
That snide remark does not become you in the least bit.
by Hercolena Oliver May 26, 2010
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