Awesome but weird lots of fun very interesting and intelligent never really know where you stand with them.
by Thispagewasmadeforme October 6, 2020
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A really great guy. He is a really nice person, has amazing hair, and nice shoes. He has a good sense of humor, but it is in his own unique way. Overall, he is a unique, and great guy so if you know him, you should be grateful because he is an amazing person.
Whoa! That guy has sick shoes and awesome hair!! He must be Ken!
by Dr. JonnyBaboon January 16, 2018
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A guy who acts shy but actually has a big penis
He is a ken
by Kftcnk May 21, 2017
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ken is the most amazingest friend you could ever ask for. He's the most nicest and sweetest person there is. he can always cheer u up when you're down. he can be that person who you can just say stupid ass shit to and he'll just play along and you'll both be laughing your asses off. he's down right sexy, he's as hot as pizza. he's got all the girls chasing him cause of his everything. he's got swag. he's a slam dunker. and he's taken by Madison pettis bitches. she did him first so it sucks for you. he's my nigga. and he's somewhat smart :P to sum it all up everybody wishes they were as sexy and as everything as Ken.
ken is so sexy
I wish I did ken before Madison
by Sapphire 💎❤ January 9, 2015
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Ken is a dude. He is one of those dudes that like to hide their feelings, however, if you can get him to open up, you will find how wonderful of a person he is. If you can win his heart over, he will show you love and affection like no tomorrow. He is loyal, and will never cheat. He finds joy in everything in life, especially those that require hard work to acquire. He believes that nothing worth having comes easy, therefore you will see him overachieving. Some people come to hate him, but the real people that he finds joy with are the ones that embrace him for who he is and learn from that. All in all, Ken is a wonderful dude, he will love you like you are the only female on the earth and show that clearly and sincerely.
Eva: Ayo what's your boyfriend's name again?
Jessica: Its Ken
Eva: Oh so yall must have a great relationship.
by 2038prehwfnd November 10, 2020
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The most amazing guy on the entire planet.

Sweet, Cute, Romantic and Incredible in bed
I fell in love with Ken
by trixxxie July 26, 2009
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