A way of expressing cunt in text form without actually writing cunt. When read aloud, seaward becomes "c-word", the popular euphamism for cunt. An excellent way of calling someone a cunt, and making fun of them behind their back right to their face.
I can't stand hanging out with her anymore. She's such a seaward.
by madjackal October 15, 2005
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Harry Seaward is a play on the expletive Cunt. It is often referred to as the C word when being recalled by someone who does not want to say the actual expletive much like a child would refer to the expletive shit as the S word.

The term Harry Seaward (pronounced Hairy "C"Word)gained popularity from the well know comedian/actor Adam Carolla(adamcarolla.com) who came up with the name on his radio show while talking about other known names like Ben Dover(Bend Over), Hugh Jazz(Huge Ass), and Phil McRack(Fill My Crack). Adam was talking about how funny it would be to have a store clerk page Harry Seaward over a store intercom for all to hear.

The name took hold and became a true legend when a fan of Adam Carolla's called into the radio show to play a recording he made. The recording was of a very professional sounding female clerk asking Harry Seaward to please call customer service.
My ex-girlfriend had such a Harry Seaward.

Don't be such a Harry Seaward.

Will Harry Seaward please call customer service...
by Grady Enword May 30, 2010
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The one and only God of existence. If you even look at this living legend, you will have the most intense and pleasurable orgasm of your entire fucking life. He has the largest, veiny, bulging penis in all of eternity. Now, come little one, it is time for your Cock and Ball Torture.
Fergus Walter Seaward Flanagan will make you jizz all over your parents.
by tomatomatt March 10, 2019
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