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A fat joint that consists of half weed and half clove mixed together to create one amazing smoking experience. The name "jove" was created one night after rolling and then proceeding to smoke the jove on top of the Harvard University Arts Center. The jove's high hits you very hard and very fast, however it doesn't last as long as other highs.
"My God! This spliff is amazing, what's in it?" "That's no spliff my friend, that's a jove--a half weed/half clove combination of awesomeness!"
by jovecreatorpatentpending June 24, 2009
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English translation of Latin word for Jupiter, the Roman King of Gods.
"By Jove" equates to "By God"
by F*SH May 29, 2004
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the Supreme Being in the universe. He who commandeth and controleth all. He is to be respected and revered, His will is to be obeyed always. one may swear by Him only if he be a true devoted believer. possesses the power to smite any infidel that dare challenge His sanctity.
By Jove, I'm starving!
Jove! I can't believe it!
by zanmat0 December 15, 2003
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A vagina that is wider than it is tall. Often compered to a man's chode.
Man patrick, your mom has a huge jove. Logan, did you like my mom's jove last night. Logan and patrick double teamed Phillip's mom's jove last night.
by logmaster13 April 10, 2010
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He is a wonderful , artistic and shy person . He doesnt like to mix around with people if he does not know them yet.
Wow Jove is really good in art !
via giphy
by reme.Jove September 15, 2017
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When your phone auto corrects love frequently, and it sort of just becomes a thing that you begin intentionally typing.
Person 1’s text: ‘I Jove you’
Person 1’s text: ‘Agh crap I mean jove not jove’
Person 1’s text: ‘Eh what ever you know what I mean
Person’s 2 text: ‘I Jove you 2’
by Monkey Moo March 06, 2019
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