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Probably the best place on earth. Its a river in East Bumfuck, Maine, that a shit load of drunken college aged kids go to have the time of their lives. Everything to drunk emo kids, to gangster Boston kids, typical yah dood, the NE yuppie, to the average New England whore. There are no rules, except these two; 1) No fireworks, and 2) Females MUST dump them out on command. You can either camp out at many of the campsites along the river, (Fiddlehead being the greatest. Beach 2 to be precise.), or take a nice canoe trip down. Even Steven Glansberg could find friends in Saco. Its a place where dreams are broken, and boys become men.
Many catchphrases were established here, like, "Dump 'em out!!!", "Saco my balls!!!" and, "drink em and sink em"
Boston kid: Yo son, we goin to the fahkin cape this weekend kehd?
Boston kids emo friend: Nah, were going up to Saco brah
Boston kid: Yaaaa dump 'em out!

Guy1: "Hey did you hear Guy2 fucked Whore1?"
Girl2: "O ya thats old news, she caught herpes"
Guy1: "Damn, well you know what they say, what happens in Saco, ends up on Facebook"

Random Conoer Fred: "Hey man im done with this beer, what do I do with it?"
Random Conoer Jenny: "Drink em and sink em"
Random Drunk guy on beach: "Hey you with the big tits, DUMP 'EM OUT!!!!
Random Conoer Jenny: "ok!"
by TheOneAndOnlyShaggy July 23, 2012
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Derived from the term paco, a saco is useful term for a scene kid when wanting to talk about them while they surround you.
(As you're surrounded by scene kids) Person #1: Dude, what the hell is up with all of these sacos?
Person #2: Yeah, I hate sacos.
Person #3: They look like they just came out of myspace.
by jenny without sound. November 03, 2007
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A saco is someone who has larger than life bollox. For him to be classed as a saco he must require a large cane/walking stick to aid him whilst walking. He is also able to use his extra large bag as a seat and in some cases a bed.

person 1:What the hell, that guys got some serious baggage!

person 2:Yeah, he is a stereotype saco!
by P2J21 March 03, 2008
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