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Yo son, that car is tilted (refering to a car sitting on spinnin 22's, chromed out, tv's up in the joint... you know crazy ish)

That party tonight is going to be tilted (off the chain)
by beth January 15, 2005
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Insane, passionate, marvelous, bipolar (in every good sense of the word), brilliant, sexual, loving, hating, vulnerable, hard, a pain in the booty, bouncy haired
think "girl from Malcolm in the Middle" meets Julia Roberts, crossed with some kind of multi-million dollar figure, crossed with a drama queen.
by beth February 16, 2004
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when something is not unconcious it's onconcious. It's you're attentive state of mind.
I was onconcious during the play even though it looked like I was sleeping.
by beth November 08, 2006
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a term to indicate when a woman is menstruating.
"I cried watching a commercial for a Disney movie last night. I hate being on the bleed."

"Dude. Please let me crash at your house. Sally's on the bleed and I fear for my life."
by beth March 03, 2005
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A cheesy, barely-there moustache that you would see typically on a teenage boy who is just getting facial hair.
Check out the paco stache on that guy!
by beth November 07, 2003
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1. The past tense of shit
2. Another word for shit
I shatt myself
You piece of shatt
by beth January 12, 2005
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