when someone is just being stupid or making a fool of themselves, you’d call them out bad.
friend: *makes a bad joke*
you: you're out bad
by bluelead May 5, 2019
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A Jamaican expression made popular by the late dancehall legend Bogle a.k.a. Mr. Wacky.

It is an adjective used to express one's joy or satisfaction towards a particular thing or situation.

It can either be used as part of a sentence or on its own.

In North America, this expression can be compared to such terms as: cool; wicked; crazy; awesome.
"Reggae Sumfest '05 was out & bad!"

Person #1: "Badman, yuh seen dat new dance deh da Wacky Dip?"

Person #2: "Yeah mon! Out & bad!"
by Mr. Wacky September 18, 2005
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Girl 1: did u see the fight yesterday that lay lay got into ?

Boy 1: Yes she got ha ah beat.. hoe went out bad.
by Atlfanatic March 3, 2021
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Jerry:Have You Seen Jay He’s a nigger
Max:Thats Just Bad Out
by PlasteredMilk69 is gae January 18, 2019
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adj. an 80's era expression meaning something good
syn. awesome, great, wicked
That pizza was totally bad out!
by Katipo November 3, 2006
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