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when someone is just being stupid or making a fool of themselves, you’d call them out bad.
friend: *makes a bad joke*
you: you're out bad
by bluelead May 04, 2019
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Getting kicked out of a group or organization, put out on the street, without protection and without respect (usually as punishment for some transgression against group norms, rules, or tradition.
Joe was seen talking to a snitch and an undercover cop. He is now outbad, don't have anything to do with him, don't talk to him, don't acknowledge him, don't remember him.
by Jimmy Quick September 12, 2017
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When someone does something Or say something stupid in an unlikely manner.
“Jacob go outbad I heard he dated kelly”
by Ariinationn October 27, 2019
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Girl 1: did u see the fight yesterday that lay lay got into ?

Boy 1: Yes she got ha ah beat.. hoe went out bad.
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by Atlfanatic March 03, 2021
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