1. Very, extremely. (adverb)
2. A large amount of, a lot of, a great amount.
1. The line is madd long.
2. I know madd people who live there.
by LinZ July 27, 2004
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Madd points were scored in Saturday's basketball game.
by Anonymous February 1, 2003
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The members of MADD shot a guy for DWI
by qwerty July 5, 2003
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used to describe sumthin by exaggeration
by Kj September 25, 2003
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extremely, very, to the utmost degree

Not to be confused with "mad," meaning angry or displeased
My RA Jess is madd cool, yo! She be such a baller.
by Toyon 3rd Floor May 15, 2007
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1. very
2. madd better than "mad"

used in place of the word "mad" which only has one d, and thus is clearly not as good
"That was a madd good blow job."
"Thanks dad, I tried so hard."

"Are you mad?"
"No, Im MADD! XD"
by MuchBetterMuch September 25, 2009
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insane’; ‘wild’; ‘crazy
"Mark, you’re drving like a madd man--Watchthefuckout!!"
by Victor Van Styn August 4, 2005
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